Friday, July 11, 2014

Foto Friday

we live in a RESORT, y'all!
at least, it looks like it upon approach at night :)

since the opposite seems to be true for us, maybe having this would remind him to stay on his half? maybe? ;)
in the hot light of day - still lovely, no?

love this dress, which Stephanie handed-down to me, but I can't really wear it anywhere. :/
because tube tops just don't work for ANY figure!


  1. I have Social Fixer, but I don't understand how I can have a desktop like yours. 'Splain, please?

    1. Use the "Options" (rather than the Wizard) and go to the "Themes" tab. Scroll through them until you find one you like. These are upgrades to SF, created by SF fangeeks, for the benefit of all. I used to use one called "Light Sky" (I think) but they discontinued it or something. I like the "desktop" better.

      Note that I updated the actual post, in addition to replying to you.


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