Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not much to say tonight...

Got my butt over to Central to add a photo to my file (wearing my nursing scrubs) but got there too late for the first "wave" so headed BACK over the highway to the nearest insurance agency.  DRENCHED in sweat is a really unusual state for me.  I don't like it.  The receptionist got me a glass of ice water, and an associate agent walked me through the quotes I needed, even though he won't get "the sale" if I decide to follow up with them.  "My" agent wasn't in today, and I just didn't want to do everything that was needed over the phone.  It's too much.  I was there for awhile, and finished my glass of water, including eating the coupla ice cubes that were left (SO not "me").  Went back to Central and was able to squeak into the last row of folks from wave one, effectively "cutting" in line ahead of those in wave two.  So sue me - I WALKED there.  In SCRUBS.  TWICE.

On my way home, I was accosted by Amnesty International "member" Giugis (I think that was his name - nice fellow; Greek; works at a Greek restaurant in The Grove, since, according to him, it's "The Law" for all LA-based Greeks to work at Greek restaurants).  He told me all about AI and why I'd be a good fit for them (I would, really, I think, if I were inclined to join any cause), as well as telling me what his name means in English (I've forgotten), and as I was declining joining at this moment, expressing shock that I am not currently employed!  Remember, I was wearing my scrubs, so, yes, I certainly did look like someone who could afford to join up.  Alas, not today.  However, I indicated that I live nearby, so if they plant themselves kind of often in that spot, I'll likely catch them again, and possibly be dressed differently (the agent associate is hoping I'll drop in to that office in another costume in the future) - I LOVE THIS TOWN!

Got home and ate ice cream to cool down, because I needed a photo for my own purposes, and if I'd peeled those things off immediately, they'd have never made it back onto my body.  Not today.  It got to 95 today.  I dunno what the humidity was, but it existed, that is certain.  Like I said, "DRENCHED in sweat is a really unusual state for me," and "I don't like it."

Eventually went down to the pool.  Back gate locked again.  What is UP with the one resident who will NEVER get into the pool controlling how I access it? Blargh!  A bit more eventually, STEPHEN joined me in the pool! What the what?  Apparently, it was too hot for him not to. ;)

Checked the mail and got BOTH of the "long-lost" Entertainment Weekly issues we weren't expecting.  Had time to apply/submit for two industry jobs.  Three, if you count the voice acting job I'm not likely to get.  I mean, I could, but I don't yet have anything even vaguely like a home studio, and I don't know where I'd go to record the thing.  But boy, would I love to get that career kicked off!  Ennyhoo.  Stephen made dinner; we finished off the wine and had chocolate, and watched U-571.  While I've been typing all this, we've been going back into it to try to figure out which character was played by Jon Bon Jovi (we were both VERY wrong, but that's okay, because we both had our eye on the same guy).  Good flick; I'll probably have to watch it again, to see exactly when JBJ and David Keith "buy it" (we know when Bill Paxton does, and we also know who gets to survive).

Guess there was more to tell you than I thought, huh?  Thanks for reading!


  1. As much as I dislike the feeling of being drenched in sweat, I dislike the feeling of brain freeze in I winter more!

    I hate having to turn down amnesty international folks - one rang me t he other night because I always sign their petitions, but I couldn't afford to donate (yet again)

    1. Yeah, I'm more anti-cold than I am anti-hot. Typically for me, though, I rarely sweat at all - it has to be over 100 or over 80 + high humidity OR I need to be really exerting myself physically (walking in scrubs does not qualify). So I was surprised by it. I'm thinking it was the humidity.

      I'm not much of a "joiner" nor do I sign many petitions. But the young man was very pleasant to talk with. I'm usually so good with names, though. It's bugging me that I've forgotten both the Greek and the English. I blame the heat/humidity. ;)


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