Friday, July 18, 2014

Foto Friday

First night BOTH cats stayed on the bed after lights out! (It's so bright from the flash)

All the tool we needed to build the futon. :)

The couple who created the one-woman show

Found this in June and HAD to bring it - I teared up
 when I saw it. I can't show you the front, sorry.

Tom and Tiki Al behind the scenes


My buddy Jason - proof that he does, in fact, WALK!

Exec Prod and 2nd AD BTS

Me and my boss-man, Mike Philpot

A star takes direction while EVERYONE watches

Me and the 2nd, sharing some love

He's a really good sport.  What a lovely man.

Waiting for Ms. F to arrive for our swim, Cocoa carpe'd that diem

RUB MY BELLY, WOMAN! And scratch my head while you're at it - you've got two good hands!


  1. I guess I'm not as familiar with the stars as I should be. I'm afraid I don't recognize your "lovely man", but I like the caption that says "Cocoa carpe'd that diem". That made me giggle. I'm also curious about the front of that birthday present from Brett.

    1. The secret star (from my "Day One") is not allowed to be revealed until after ComiCon. THIS ^ lovely man is Walter Koenig (Chekov from TOS). Yeah, "carpe'd that diem" just came to me, and made me giggle, too.

      In '83 I was at S&M, and Brett had burned my name (connected, the way Mommy always signed off cards and letters) and a lovely unicorn into the front of this wall-hanging, probably for a class or something, or just to show off what he'd learned in a class. I love the back, though, for reasons.

  2. No shit! That's Chekov? I see it now. I've got to show this to Brian. That's awesome. The plaque is beautiful. I can see why you teared up. You're a sentimental fool like me (and Grandma). It's in the blood.

    1. I teared up because it was a (beautiful) handmade gift from my baby brother. I wear the rose quartz necklace Grandma tumbled and "built" for me (it's in these pics) all the time, whenever I'm not wearing Mommy's pearls. I AM a sentimental old fool, yep.


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