Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, Lazy Sunday! (that's right, kids, you can sing along if ya want)

Went to bed late but still got up too early... just can't seem to manage to sleep in!  This was the best shot I could get of the "Supermoon" :/
I know, pathetic, right?
So I got up this morning, had breakfast, read some of an old "Entertainment Weekly" and helped Stephen bring the coffee table up from the car... and then I had a nap, I think.

Got up from the nap, and we went to Big Lots for a new box fan for the window.  Came home with more stuff that we needed, because TODAY ONLY was a "Friends and Family" 20% Off sale at Big Lots, which we just happened to luck into on our Lazy Sunday.

Took a dip in the pool... Took another nap, while trying to do some online surveys.  Got up from the second nap, and Stephen had me choose a movie.  "Speed" was on its side, which meant we had purchased the Blu-Ray some time ago and never got around to watching the disc.  We had wine and chocolate on the new coffee table, seated on the new futon, while watching the movie.
All of those wine and liquor boxes hold BOOKS.  Next step, shelving!

Discovered that it was SANDRA BULLOCK, not Keanu Reeves, that gave the sage advice about traumatic events and making life decisions.  Huh.

We haven't found a suitable, inexpensive substitute for Green Fin Red Table Wine.  Tonight's choice was fifty cents cheaper and okay, but a little too peppery for pairing with our Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  We'll have to continue trying other bottles (the Italian wine from the other night was too dry, overall); hopefully, we don't end up with "Two Buck Chuck" or the TJ's boxed wine.  Not that there's anything wrong with either of those choices, either.  But when the organic grapes come back, we'll be stocking up on Green Fin, I guar-own-tee!

Tomorrow: a milestone.  Stay tuned, kids, and for the love of Pete, would you keep that singing IN tune?  Sheesh.


  1. Our super moon was slightly better, but still not what it was cracked up to be. Most disappointing. What's the point of toasting the full moon with red wine if it's not going to be all big and beautiful and majestic. Better luck next perigee, I suppose.

    Naps. Mmmmmm. Good.

    1. There were plenty of folks here who got better views (and pics) of the Supermoon. I think I may have been a day late (and at least one level of digicam quality short).

      The red wine is for pairing with chocolate. The moon is for howling. The naps are for mmmm, good. :)


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