Sunday, July 6, 2014

Four bins to go...

Got the shipping container emptied this morning, and into my car, no less!  Didn't need to extend the cargo van.  Yay.

HOWEVER, we'd had to complete the emptying of both the van and my car this morning, because yesterday caught up with us.

BUT, here's what we accomplished together and separately today:

  • Got the bed completely put together (I know, I know, I said Stephanie helped me yesterday, and she did, but we hadn't unloaded the mattress parts until this morning, so last night we were able to sleep off the floor - tonight we're back to selecting our own comfort levels with sleep numbers, which Stephen is currently doing)
  • Got almost all of the movies "filed" and several bins emptied, ready to store in the little cubby in the parking garage
  • Got a lot of kitchen cabinets filled/arranged... in at least one of the bins still in the car, there's more still, including my silverware trays and dishwashing cube thingies
  • Got all of my clothing "put away" (as "away" as I can put things that would love to be in drawers, sans any furniture with drawers for clothing)
  • Put away all of the cleaning supplies, except for the dishwashing cube thingies
  • Discovered a leak under the kitchen sink that will be reported tomorrow (very slow leak)
  • Took a dip in the pool - heaven!
  • Carried a lot of boxes down to the recycling dumpster
  • Went shopping for odds/ends - only bought groceries
  • Installed one of two bars in the kitchen from which to hang cookware - tomorrow, the utensil bar and the coffee mug shelving unit!
We're home - hallelujah!


  1. That sounds so nice and productive. Didn't see a #100happydays post. Did I miss it? Your post makes me want to go buy some organizing stuff. :-)

  2. I don't really want to "buy" organizing stuff, but I want to be done with the stuff that we have already. No, you didn't miss my #100happydays post - have barely been online at all, and the signal we're wardriving hasn't allowed any Facebooking, really... still have to go back in and change the setting on THIS post ( defaults to "friends" whereas I default to "friends of friends.")

    Only four bins to go - so I should have a bit more online time today. :)

  3. I would rather not buy organizing stuff either. Perhaps I should follow the mantra I taught you when we were moving you out of your home in NC to head towards your destiny in LA - "keep, toss, donate". Sometimes I remember. I'm usually pretty good about keeping things organized here. Brian does like a tidy space, and I like making him smile. :-)

  4. And, of course, "15 minutes in each room/area with a 5-10 minute break every hour until it's done" Nearly forgot that part!

    1. I thought it was one hour or one bin per room; 15 minute break and change of scenery (room)!

      Beyond all that, everything is inside. And I've got work updates (maybe)... tonight's post is coming!

  5. I can't remember now how we did it. I now follow FlyLady and she says "you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!" It's one of her mantras. Still. You got 'er done. Many congrats to you, baby sis. :-)

    1. Still not "done" but it's much better. :)


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