Friday, February 5, 2016

Another movie review, outta the blue!

Over Christmas, the Bros. opened up the DVD/Blu-Ray vaults and allowed employees to go upstairs and snag some free discs. It was a pretty cool day, getting to snag some free discs that we did not already have on the shelf. It was quite an eclectic group of discs I was able to snag that day.

Included in the bunch was the movie we watched tonight. We knew nothing about it, going into our viewing, other than who was starring in it, and that it was a baseball flick.

I love baseball. Of all the sports I could ever be "subjected" to sitting through, baseball gets me going, revs my engine, piques my interest. This movie was more about the scouting side of things, rather than Love of the Game, per se. That's okay. It was a relationship movie, delving into the father/daughter relationship, the romantic relationships we have or witness, the employer/employee relationship, as well as the celebrity/fan relationship. Interesting, to me, that a baseball film could cover so many relationship bases, but this one definitely did. And did it pretty well, too.

Don't get me wrong. There was baseball to be watched in this movie. And the chance to hate the rising-star, soon-to-be-a-celebrity for the way he interacted with fans and others, and then the rejoicing when he gets his well-deserved comeuppance. And the baseball was good, although there isn't a complete game to watch. But really, all the baseball was more about the relationship with baseball that both players and fans have.

I've just come to realize, while typing all this up, that while we enjoyed this baseball movie, there was actually insufficient baseball in this movie to call it a baseball movie. Now I'm sad. I mean, maybe not really, because we did enjoy the movie, but I guess because it was smartly written and well performed and not badly directed. But it's not a baseball movie, and now I'm sad. Who knew this would be a sad review? Certainly not me, when I started.

Wow. Great movie, just not a baseball movie. Lots of great relationship stuff, while not a "chick flick" in its relationshippiness. There were plenty of manly men in it, and not the kind of manly men that attract women to a movie. Hmmm... what exactly was this movie about? I guess you'll need to watch it, and weigh in. It's a good flick, and you'll enjoy it. But will you please tell me what it was about? Thanks.

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