Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, Veronckacka!

Yes, Facebook reminded me about my niece's birthday. No, I did not wish her a Happy Birthday on Facebook. Yes, I did call her. Apparently, she's had a bit of a crappy week, so she took the day off to eat all day. Hopefully, she decided to also eat all night (for a big, delicious dessert 'round midnight or so). She's probably already fast asleep by now, though, since she will have to return to work tomorrow. So, Good Night, Sweet Girl, and Pleasant Dreams!

I was so beat from my long day yesterday that I spent most of today in bed. When I finally did drag my ass outta it, I did nothing productive. What a life! I did watch a coupla movies from the queue, so here are my reviews:

American Sniper: Intense, heavy-duty, sometimes smile-inducing but oft tear-inducing Oscar-winning picture about the real story of a real hero in the Iraq war epic. I didn't know, going into it, that it was another "based on true events" flick. I wondered, without that knowledge, whether Bradley Cooper is truly from Texas, because his portrayal seemed 100% legit. He really bulked up for the role, and once I knew it was about a real person (at the very end), it all came together. Fine performances; brutal story; not particularly gratuitous depictions of the real violence of war. Pretty great story-telling, but it did seem to run on for a little too long (I knew it was Clint Eastwood produced, but I don't think it was CE-directed; still, I think it could have used maybe a 15- to 20-minute short-ening). Recommended, if you're looking for a war movie. Not recommended if you want a happy ending.

The Fault in Our Stars: Thankfully, this is not a Nicholas Sparks flick (I mean, seriously, why do the studios keep buying his dreck and then producing it?). That said, this movie does induce ugly crying, but not like when I watched Room. The ugly crying for Room was deep sobbing of relief and joy; not so much for this one. This is just flat-out a weeper, but not until you get to that point. Until that point, it feels like a realistic portrayal of a teenage girl who is going to die of her cancer, and until she does, she just lives the life she's got. A better performance by Laura Dern as her mother (versus the one in 99 Homes), as well as really enjoyable storytelling all around. I wished the dad had had a larger part, honestly. Nice "both sides of the coin" cameo by Willem DaFoe. Recommended, if you need a good weep. Not recommended if you want a traditional "rom-com".

Three Good Things:

  1. Caught up on my sleep
  2. Submitted for some work
  3. Watched a coupla movies!
  4. Talked/Sang to Veronica (it's been quite a long while)
  5. Coughed my fool head off but I'm breathing okay right now
  6. Will likely make it to bed at a reasonable hour tonight
And you?


  1. You through me off with that name in the title. I was thinking "what poor child was named Veronckacka?". Then realized and was confirmed by you at the bottom that her name is Veronica. Where did you come up with that nickname? LOL.

    1. She's my niece. Where do family nicknames ever come from? :)


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