Saturday, February 20, 2016

Just. Can't. Breathe.

Had a GOOD last day at the Bros today.

First tour full of estrogen (I feel so sorry for Ray from Chile, the lone testosterone on the cart full of women), having a great time seeing all the great stuff I got to show them. Throughout the tour, there was one lady who took so many photos of everything, that I know she ended up with a handful of just me, or me with one of her friends. Thanked them at the end for being the first tour of my Last Day, and they were bittersweet happy/sad for me, as I was feeling bittersweet when I first clocked in (as I posted on Facebook).

Second tour a good mix of families from all over the US, plus one lone guy from South Korea. Again with the "having a great time seeing all the great stuff I got to show them". Lots of really good participation and feedback throughout. Helen, a local actress who was touring with her visiting parents from Washington, has an audition for Gilmore Girls on Monday! Break a leg, Helen! Thanked them all at the end for being my next-to-last tour ("ever"), and had some of the same bittersweet happy/sad.

Third tour I traded, so that my absolute "final" tour would be the absolute final tour of the day. Had Davy and Laura from France, and Maria from Japan (really? Maria? from Japan?) who spoke and understood English better than her local friends, Isao and Erika (who often had Maria translating into Japanese for them). That was it. Had a blast seeing all the great stuff I got to show them. Asked lots of clarifying questions; participated freely in what I was asking them to do. Arrived at the final attraction a teensy bit late, and they didn't want to leave me without Group Pictures, which we had to ask the attendant to take for us. She's a good sort, and I felt badly about putting her out, but what could I do? She took the pictures, and my guests finally separated themselves from me.

I got back to my origination point in time to clock out and return all of my Warner Bros. uniforms, keys, badges, and whatnots (it's a lot of stuff). Got my final paycheck (which I'm sure I'm going to have to research and possibly contest) before hugging the last two managers "so long". No one else around to hug, so I came home. We all walked over to Taco Bell to try their latest potential "guilty pleasure" and stuck with our faves; came back home to watch Kingsman, which was in our "free HBO/Cinemax weekend". Fun flick; very bloody and stylistically intense, what with all the "bullet-time" fight scenes. Also, great turn by this man. Check out his filmography. In his early days, mostly likeable but somewhat victimized characters. Then he starts playing a bit more despicable. He's got a long list, particularly of late, but he's such a "great" that I was very pleasantly surprised to discover him here.

But now that the movie's over and things are winding down and I don't have to get up to an alarm tomorrow morning (what?), I would really like to be able to breathe freely again before bedtime. Damn freakin' weather changes. Great breathing during last week's heat wave. Got cold enough again to need layers of long sleeves, and because I've been working every day, I haven't necessarily paid attention to dressing for the end of the day (especially today, when I had to turn in my jacket, and hadn't brought an additional layer to wear home). So I'm sitting here with my head held over a cup of warm tea, alternatively with tissue just shoved up my nose to catch the drips. Of course, I'll feel Much Better tomorrow morning!

Here are the Three Good Things I listed on my (final) tour report today:

  1. Good Tours
  2. Good Day
  3. Good Gig
And now, to kickstart my next adventure!


  1. Ahh, I hope that you do feel a bit better tomorrow. You sound so positive right now! I feel like it might be infectious - these posts really cheer me up too and keep me looking for the positives!

    1. I'm not yet booked for any work tomorrow, so I think I'll be spending the morning catching up on my blog READING! I'm so far behind, Holly. I'm glad you're enjoying reading me. I look forward to catching up on you. Are you back from your holiday in Spain?


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