Friday, February 12, 2016

Three Good Things (Day Six)

  1. Called in to the Bros. and they gave me an eight-hour shift. I was not expecting to be awake early enough to call in, but having changed the alarm from 6:30 to 7:30 has somehow made a huge difference in my ability to get up early and feel awake. So far, for two consecutive mornings, I have awakened prior to the alarm. What a lovely feeling.
  2. Had three pretty good tours today, and informed a few new people about the end of my temp assignment. As part of the last two tours, I was able to drive by Midwest Street, which has been redressed as Stars Hollow, Connecticut. This is really only a big deal for someone who's a fan of Gilmore Girls. They had originally told us, once the four new Netflix episodes started shooting (this week), that we would have zero access to Midwest Street until they had completed shooting. As of today, we have minimal access, which means we are allowed to drive through without stopping, and NO ONE is allowed to take a single photograph of a single thing. The new four episodes take place in present day, so it's almost a decade since the original show ended. What that means is SPOILERS, so absolutely no photos (and also, I cannot speak a word of what I got to see today). I'm excited. I really hope I will have an opportunity to work the show, as either a background actor in town or possibly Paris' stand-in.
  3. I'm booked for forty hours of tours with the possibility of overtime next week, and I'm booked for some background work on a show for which the 2nd Assistant Director requested me. This is by no means a "ranking" of Three Good Things, because if I were to "rank" today's Three Good Things, I would definitely rank this particular Good Thing as Number One. Typically, I list them chronologically as they happen in my day. I wonder if it would be better to rank them. I think not, simply because sometimes, they are all equally good. So just forget that idea. I'm not doin' it. I'm going to continue listing them chronologically. Done.
  4. Not currently coughing. This is definitely a Good Thing. Going to go to bed at a reasonable hour again, and probably drink some more tea before I do that, with the cough drops at the ready and the aromatherapy on the wrists.

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