Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Great Day on Set.

I got to re-visit Warner Bros. today, but in civilian clothes. I checked in Waaaaay earlier than any of my former co-workers, in the parking lot (base camp) adjacent to the "new" attraction on the lot. I also checked out Waaaaay later than any of those former co-workers, having been on the lot from 6:30 a.m. until nearly 9:30 p.m. Yeah, minus our hour-long "walk-away" lunch, that was nearly a fourteen-hour workday. But I always told my tour guests about hour-long dramatic television shows working long days, twelve to fourteen hours being perfectly "normal".

So all we "townspeople" got checked in, looked over, and touched up by "the vanities" (wardrobe, hair, and makeup), walked over to Midwest Street (which is geographically located immediately behind the "new" attraction on the lot), and settled into the church building as our "holding" area for our long day ahead. Those of us who were fans of the show were pretty excited to be there; the rest were just "happy" for the work.

When we officially broke for our "walk-away" lunch, I walked away to the credit union, just off the lot, to deposit a check I'd received yesterday for another show. I love being able to walk to my bank. Walking back onto the lot, I made sure to wave at all of the tours that passed me, and finished my exercise loop with a visit to the "new" attraction so I could actually talk to a couple of my former co-workers. It was awesome, being there in civvies, and actually talking about life on the other side of the fence.

Got back to work and made a bunch of new friends. I sure hope I get recalled!

Three Good Things

  1. Great Day on Set
  2. Lots of new friends
  3. Lee reminded me that he still reads my blog, and that I need to list that as a Good Thing (it totally is)
  4. Staying in touch with "old" friends
  5. Doing a good job and feeling fantastic all day
  6. BREATHING freely all day
  7. Knowing that there are plenty of other readers out there (like Lee) who may not comment every day but continue to read my blog
  8. Fat paychecks, like the one I earned today
  9. Open Unemployment claims that could last a long, long time because I just keep Magnet-ing Money, so collecting against it is infrequent
  10. Rush-call work OR my attendance at a SAG-AFTRA workshop tomorrow (both Good Things)
Whatcha got? C'mon - are you quietly listing Three Good Things? Or possibly BOLDLY listing them (like on your own blogs) and I just haven't caught up yet?


  1. Wow, long work day but that's awesome. And you mentioned me in your blog so even awesomer. :D

    So you're going to be someone in the background on the Gilmore Girls show they're doing? I've never watched that show but I like all the actresses on it. What actors/actresses did you see? Or can you talk about that?

    1. I'm in the background. I saw four major players; if I get recalled, I imagine I'll see even more major players. I'm not allowed to talk details, so that's why this post was as vague as it was. We'll see what we see when it airs on Netflix.

      Yes, you got a mention. :)
      Yes, it was a long day. I'm not yet out of bed today!

    2. LOL...GET UP!


      Guess I'll have to watch it when it airs. You'll have to let me know at what point you show up on screen otherwise I'm just going to stare at the screen looking for you and then going "I KINDA KNOW HER FROM THE INTERWEBZ!!!" and not pay attention to the show.

    3. Watch the first three seasons of Mad Men and find me there first. I'm the secretary at Sterling Cooper who most closely resembles Marilyn Monroe, and I'm all over the place.

      Then watch the current season of the muppets and look for me in the tavern. I'm the waitress, always dressed in black.

      {Then watch at least some of the original GG series, so you pay attention to story...}
      If, by the time "Seasons" airs, you're not sick of screaming at your tv or computer, you'll easily find me walking through Stars Hollow. So far, that's all I do. If I somehow get any close-up camera time (or a line), I'll let everyone know.

  2. Ok, I'll take a look. So far the only thing that would make me want to watch Mad Men is Christina Hendricks...ahem...because of her great acting of course.

    Gilmore Girls has me intrigued for a while but we just haven't had time to watch. I'll take a look at this as well.

    1. Christina Hendricks is a good reason to watch anything. Season 3, episode 5 (I think), is my "featured" episode. I never really watched the series, but CH was always a delight to work with.

    2. Found you. About 41 minutes in you're sitting at a desk smoking a cigarette (blech) with a pink top on with glasses talking to another gal while one of the main actresses walks by.

      That's cool.

    3. I got so much camera time on Mad Men because I was one of the secretaries who knew how to smoke on camera. Thankfully, I had already quit smoking before we started shooting that one, or I'd have been having nicotine fits the whole time (it's always herbals on camera). You don't smoke them the same; you really don't WANT to smoke them the same; at the end of a long day of smoking on camera, you REALLY want to brush the scum off your tongue! (Blech is right, Lee).

      I smoked and walked so much in my three seasons that at some point, a viewer commented on the amc website "who's that blonde chick who's always smoking and walking around the office?", which meant I was so visible on camera that they had to use less of me, because I wasn't a principal character. But Matthew Weiner (creator of the show) was gracious enough to allow those of us "in the pool" who wanted to add our episodes to our IMDb credits to do so. I was there for three years, so all of my episodes are listed.


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