Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Three Good Things (Day Eleven)

I had stopped counting, but after publishing with the title "(Day Whatever)", I decided to do a quick perusal of recent posts to get the number right. My tenure at the Bros is winding down, and it would appear that things on the other side of the industry are picking up. Good Things.

  1. I called in today to see if I was needed for tours. I got called back for a 5 1/2 hour shift, all at overtime pay, because it's my sixth consecutive tour shift. Overtime pay is a lovely thing.
  2. First tour was part of a group of high school students who happen to be studying film. Great interactions with them, and I definitely got to contribute to their education. Yay, me!
  3. Second tour had a family from Argentina who happen to currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. They had lots of questions about getting started in the film industry there, and while I didn't have any definitive answers for them, I'm fairly certain I was able to steer them in the right direction. Everyone else on the tour had a good time, too, and seemed to enjoy learning about one family's interest in the industry (and what I could contribute from my own experiences). Another success!
  4. I got booked for more background work tomorrow, on another show I've never heard of. Having heard of a project before you show up for your first booking is never really important. If it is something I've heard of and I have time to watch an episode or two, that's great. This one I didn't even bother Googling. The info on the line didn't indicate that it would be too difficult to choose appropriate wardrobe, so I'm not too concerned I've never heard of it. If tomorrow is a roaring success and there's even remotely a chance of any kind of recall situation, I'll take some time to look it up. If not, no big.
  5. I had had an unemployment insurance claim open, but the last weeks I filed never made it into the system, so I reopened my claim. If they backdate my filing to the last weeks I should have filed, then they'll end up (eventually) paying me a little in UI benefits up to this point. If the reopening starts me over with this week, well, then, my "bank" will just last a little longer. I'm grateful to be eligible to collect unemployment benefits; I'm also grateful to have enough work to be ineligible to collect in some weeks. It's ALL good.
  6. The latest heat wave broke, and we had some rain today, which also brought my coughing fits. I don't necessarily love the rain, and I certainly prefer heat to the cooler temps we're in for in the coming week, but I know Southern California can definitely do for a little unexpected rain. While I'm not loving these coughing fits, they were "productive" awhile ago, and I'm currently breathing all right. Also, my tours were not negatively impacted, so. Good.
It's not even 11 yet tonight, and I'm done for the night. Once I hit "publish" on this post, I can go to bed. That's a pretty good feeling, right there. I may have some time tomorrow to catch up on some of the blogs I read, as well, and I'm grateful for that, too.

Any Good Things going on in your life?

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