Sunday, February 21, 2016

I have no title for tonight's post. Bloody Hell.

First day off after nine consecutive days of work, and I Slept. In. I had cancelled my alarm so I wouldn't have to snooze it, and when Stephen got up, he was very quiet, and I never heard him. I'd had a rough go of it when I went to bed last night, because my sinuses were just so damned congested; it took a long time for me to finally fall asleep.

Getting up, the congestion and/or coughing did start back up, and since I had no breakfast foods in the house, I just started with two cups of hot tea, cough drops, and a roll of toilet paper to catch my running nose. Fun!

We eventually built ourselves a grocery list and headed out to Costco for the walking, sampling lunch, and then continued our shopping at Smart-n-Final. Got home, filled the fridge and freezer, and while my breathing had improved while we were out in the world, the congestion returned in the apartment. I must be allergic to this place, which is actually pretty weird, considering we've got no carpeting harboring anyone's old yuckinesses.

Watched some episodic television from the queue (Dead Like Me, Agent Carter, Grimm, and Mom) to get us to the next-to-last episode of Downton Abbey. All that other stuff was just our holding viewing for the big event. Seriously, Downton Abbey is such a great show, but tonight's episode was just phenomenal all the way around. And only one episode left, forever! Bloody Hell!

I did put myself on the Rush Call Availability list over the weekend, so I'll leave my alarm set for 7:30, just in case there's a post for something first thing that I can run out for. Which means I've just got to wind myself down enough to get to bed soon. Sure hope it doesn't take as long as last night!

How was your weekend?

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