Thursday, February 18, 2016

Irony? I think so, maybe. I have trouble with it. (So do you, ya know!)

When I first started working for the Bros, I was very happy to work forty hours a week, or more, when possible. All throughout the summer, forty, forty-eight, even more hours, talking about the industry, having a great time and making a good living. Good Times!

Then things in the industry start to pick up, and I need more time away from the Bros. They figure out a new thing, and I get to slow down my schedule there so I can increase my schedule out in the rest of the world. ... and then the holidays arrive, and the schedule reverses again ... and then after the holidays, I slow down my Bros schedule but the industry doesn't pick up. What the what?

Fast forward to approximately this week. I think I've already told you that my temp "assignment" is coming to an end, this Saturday. As of Sunday, I will no longer have any kind of regular work schedule at the Bros. Probably, tomorrow or Saturday, they'll find time for me to get an "exit interview". Really not sure when that's supposed to happen, but it doesn't matter.

Here's the ironic part, if there is irony in this story. This week, my "final" week as a Warner Bros. Studio Tour Guide (Hollywood) (TM), I was scheduled for five eight-hour shifts. On Monday afternoon, I got word that I'd been requested for a late call time on Tuesday, so I made arrangements with management to do both a tour shift and my "requested" gig. I was scheduled off for yesterday and today, so when I called in, I picked up an extra 5.5 hours yesterday. Today I was on set again. I'm scheduled for eight hours of tours tomorrow, but I also got recalled for today's gig tomorrow, which means that once again, I get to try to make those arrangements with management. Then I'll work my "final" eight hours on Saturday and turn in all my uniforms at the end of the day.

When I've been very very busy, I've had to juggle many things in order to make it all work out to stay very very busy doing everything I love doing. Once I've got the schedule worked out to not be very very busy, it's been incredibly slow, and I've been very very not busy. Is that irony?

Three Good Things:

  1. Very Very Busy this week
  2. Being requested or recalled on set this week
  3. Makin' the big bucks (ca-ching!)
  4. Knowing that no matter what I do, it will all work out. I just gotta keep showin' up!
On the other hand, the weather has definitely changed, and my breathing sucks again. Can't have everything, can I? ;) Whassup witchoo?

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