Thursday, February 25, 2016

I AM a Money Magnet, I think?

It's hard to feel like (and notice being) a Money Magnet when you stay home all day and watch the apartment management reallocate your rent into painting... the concrete walkways. Seriously. They painted all the handrails along the walkways and in the stairwells about a month or so ago. Yesterday and today, they've been painting... concrete walkways. WHY? Why won't they stop spending rent money on cosmetic worthless shit and put it into heating the pool? Are there actually tenants here who have said anything about the concrete walkways being too "concrete" looking? Whatevs.

But I did work on our taxes again today, and the outcome is not as dreary as it looked like it was going to be (I found a credit or two that we're eligible for). I'm unable to completely complete them, though, because after the software asks me all the questions about my TARDIS purchase last year, and the trade-in of the Civic, it still shows up with forms that are incomplete, asking for things like "depreciation". I hate that I'm going to have to actually do some research to figure out what numbers are appropriate for me to fill those damn forms out. I like numbers. I really do. But this is daunting.

And I've only booked one day on set this week. I'm on avail for work tomorrow, so maybe I'll get rush called. It's not like that one day was anything to sneeze at. It was a fourteen-hour day! And that equates to a 30-hour week at the Bros. ;)

And when I checked the mail, I discovered I'd received a "cash back" reward from my Costco credit card. Ca-ching! That oughtta cover... one trip on foot (so there's not much to carry back). Still, I AM a Money Magnet, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Three Good Things:

  1. Read a little
  2. Worked on Emily's Moebius Scarflet (hoping to finish before Spring hits Kentucky!)
  3. Made a decent dinner
  4. Coughing is sporadic, at best
  5. I AM a Money Magnet, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Are YOU a Money Magnet? Do ya WANNA be?

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