Saturday, February 13, 2016

Three Good Things (Week One)

Yeah, I'm not really trying to recap the week. I'm just surprised that I managed to post at least three good things, every day, for a whole week now. Here's Day Seven's Three:

  1. Awoke early enough to give two good tours and work a six-hour shift. Also dropped Stephen off at work, with plans to pick him up at the end of the day so we could stay out for what has become our bi-weekly habit,
  2. Ballroom dancing at the Granada Pavilion. Sure, the entry fee covers a dance lesson, semi-okay food, boxed (or Two-Buck Chuck) wine, and bad coffee, and then the general dancing hosts a crowd for whom the median age is 70-73, but it's pretty fun, especially if there are plenty of dance partners who realize you'll dance with 'em. The lesson tonight was okay, at first, but got pretty complicated right away, and so even though Stephen had a good handle on the first part and I had a good handle on the latter part, we just couldn't put the two parts together. So when we waltzed together later, during the general dancing bit, we went back to the center of the room and did the basic box that we both knew we knew. I, of course, danced as much as possible, with as many partners as I could, so now my feet hurt, but good.
  3. Not listed chronologically nor ranked, I received my w-2 (finally) from the Bros. We've been curious all along why Stephen's employer has been taking so little in State taxes, but with this particular w-2, I realized that my employer had taken out very little in both State and Federal taxes, which means that our refund is not going to pay for more dance lessons. The good part of this "Good Thing" is that moving back to California has definitely, without a doubt, been a good decision, in that we both made a big chunk of change last year. Also, we don't owe any taxes. But we do need to make sure our employers take out enough throughout the year so we don't end up owing any taxes next year. Really all I can say about this is Thank God for Central Casting.
We. Are. Blessed. Also, I'm tired. I gotta get this proofed and published in the next fifteen minutes so it counts as "today", and then Git my Butt to Bed. G'Nite!


  1. I would love to do ballroom dancing, I can't see Luke doing it but I guess you can go alone and bag a partner? Although it might be a 70 year old partner!?

    1. If you can find a place that hosts general dancing, then yeah. You can go alone and snag a different partner for each dance. If you take Luke, you might dance less, simply because other men will assume you only dance with him (we didn't switch out during the lesson, so I didn't dance much right away). But do find a place that offers a lesson at the beginning. Good luck!


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