Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Three Good Things (Day Four)

Let's just jump right in, shall we?

  1. I did, in fact, get called in to work my friend's shift at the Bros. His shift was originally scheduled to last 5.75 hours, which was 5.75 hours more than I had been scheduled for (through no fault of the Bros., mind you; I had not made myself available for any weekday shifts). I got to work, found a great parking space, clocked in, and went out on tour. After the first tour, I had time to eat a little something and work on Emily's Moebius Scarflet. Then my second tour didn't happen (insufficient ticket sales). This meant I had to either go home or find somewhere that my help was needed. Immediately found the Boss Man, who checked in with another Boss Man to let me know they could use me on another part of the lot, and that I could probably extend my shift to a full 8 hours. Sweet! While I was having my first little nosh, I received a phone call from Human Resources: my temporary "assignment" was scheduled to end on the 20th, which is a week from Saturday. I'm just a little sad to hear that; Warner Bros. has been very good to and for me. The ending of a temp assignment isn't like being "fired", though. There's always the possibility that they can and will recall me for another "assignment" in the future. I'm leaving it in God's hands, which is not to say that I won't still be an exemplary employee while they have me.
  2. I got to work on Emily's Moebius Scarflet while I was on break at work! Because this yarn is significantly smaller/thinner/finer (I really don't know what the correct terminology is that means "less bulky") than the two I've worked with so far, I had to buy some new hooks. But also, it means that there are more stitches to get an equivalent "distance" of scarf or other crocheted item created. Which means this one might take me longer than four days. Hopefully, it doesn't use the whole skein! We'll see.
  3. I had time through the course of the day to submit myself for some more background work, including one tango gig at the end of the month and another tomorrow (that it doesn't appear at this point in time that I've booked) for women "familiar" with knitting. Since I am currently working a crochet project, I didn't consider it a lie in any way to say that I am "familiar" with knitting. But just in case I still manage to book this gig (or get rush-called for it late tonight), I needed a crash course in knitting. Luckily for me, in addition to the plethora of YouTube videos that exist, I have a neighbor (with needles that would match the gauge of my Emily yarn) who was more than happy to both instruct me and lend me her needles, just in case.
  4. Got my schedule for next week at the Bros. Even though I'm pretty sure I told 'em the same thing I've been saying for the last month ("I'm available Sunday and Saturday, and if anything opens up during the week, I'll call in"), I got a 40-hour schedule. For the final week of my temp assignment. Who knows what that means, really?
I think I'll head to bed early tonight. Yeah, I know, it's already after 11 here, but considering I'm not yet booked for any kind of work tomorrow, 11 qualifies as both early and late. As Mommy used to say, I'll have to "Sleep Fast!"


  1. Oooh - the knitting thing is interesting! Knitting is actually pretty easy to pick up, no?! Shame that the Warner Brothers thing is coming to an end but I feel confident that it will pick up again at a later date and I love that you are able to be thankful for the things that are happening in the now. I need to be a little more like that.

    1. I know of at least a couple reasons why (it's a good thing) I didn't book the knitting gig. I'm trying at this point to maintain my positive attitude about the ending of my Warner Bros. assignment, particularly by throwing myself at the other side of the industry in the hopes that something will stick, and soon. I would very much like to leave on good terms, so that they can and will recall me at a later date. And also, I'm hoping I'll just be too dadgummed busy to be able to return! ;)

      Posting daily gratitude is a pretty good experiment. Don't know if I'll keep it up after the initial trial of one week; really don't want to repeat myself, especially since it feels like the #1 Good Thing that happens to me daily is the shift in the weather to SUNNY and WARM. I think it may have reached 93ยบ or something crazy like that today.

  2. So you can actually get a tour of the Warner Bros. lot? I'm guessing you can get a tour of all of them, but I didn't know that. Do people get to see shows filming as well?

    1. I haven't looked into tours of the other lots, but yes, Lee, Warner Bros. has tours anywhere they have a studio lot (i.e., Los Angeles and Leavesden, England). You haven't been following me that long, but you don't have to go too far into my archives to discover when I started doing this as my "main gig". It's always been a temporary assignment; this is the only one I've been informed is officially "ending".

      If you find yourself in Los Angeles and would like to go to a taping of one of the Warner Bros. sitcoms, go to first to see which show is available when you'll be here. Go to (repeatedly) for a taping of the Ellen Show; for a taping of Conan O'Brien; for a taping of The Real. (So, yes, Lee, people can attend show filmings). There is "never" a chance to see a movie or hour-long drama being filmed. No show filming is "ever" part of the tour experience, at least, not at the Bros.


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