Monday, February 15, 2016

I almost forgot to blog today!

I went to work, and I kept looking for someone with whom to trade a shift, since I'll be on set tomorrow, at the behest of the 2nd A.D. The individual tour guide I kept expecting I would offer tomorrow's shift to has called out (sick, presumably) for the past two days. That's no bueno. Finding no one with whom to trade sent me upstairs to scheduling, to see if somehow I could get rescheduled for a six-hour shift rather than my eight. It would mean two tours rather than three, but would give me time to come home before going to set, rather than having to change in the locker room after faking being sick and "needing" to leave. Three Good Things?

  1. Gentleman at the desk "pre-scheduled" all three of my tours tomorrow, so they're more back-to-back than they have been, so that I can be "taillights to the wind" by 3:45, which is plenty of time to get to set. They even know why I want a shortened shift, and since I can still do three tours, they are okay with it. The dudes in scheduling understand, man.
  2. Had two decent tours today and then "singled out" of my third tour. Rather than send home all the guides who were suddenly singling out after a rather crazy-busy, overbooked day, they sent everyone over to the attraction that exists at the end of the tour. I had been proactive about the possibility of singling out, and volunteered to shuttle for the rest of my shift. Shuttling is a pretty easy gig for a tour guide. You're just picking up guests from the attraction and taking them back across the lot to where they started. You can interact with them or not; entirely up to the driver. The reason some guides dislike shuttling is that it can be sweaty, especially at the end of a longish, hot day, which is what we've had lately. I didn't care. I wanted it. I welcomed it.
  3. Because I had volunteered to end my shift with shuttling, I got a little overtime as well. Which is really a blessing, since tomorrow my shift will be cut short. I am So Blessed.
  4. Got home and soaked in a nice hot bath, and my bag is packed for set tomorrow, and my lunch is ready to pack for my tour shift. I am ahead of the ballgame! W00T!
Now I just gotta get to sleep before 11 so I can get 7 1/2 hours in before the alarm (reset for 6:30 again, just for tomorrow) goes off. Doubt I'll be waking before it! Doesn't matter. I'm psyched for tomorrow.

How 'bout you? Did you "celebrate" President's Day today, or do you live/work in a place where it doesn't even mean a postal/bank holiday?

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