Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello, February!

Yesterday, our weather in Los Angeles was Miserable. Not "Les" Miserable, just Downright Miserable. Yes, of course, we need the rain. We're grateful for the rain. But we don't need it during tours at Warner Bros., we don't need it during the taping of the "Grease Live" event, we don't need all the wind that accompanied it (seriously, one or the other, pretty please), and we certainly don't need the temperatures to drop back into, I dunno, winter?

I survived. Got up today, and had no reason to leave the house until I had a reason to leave the house. Stephen was off today, so after we'd both accomplished all the productivity we were likely to accomplish inside, we decided to walk over to Costco with a short list and a few empty grocery bags. We did the walking, sampling lunch, purchased about thirty pounds of foodstuffs, and walked home with our stuff.

We were both dressed for the cold temperatures and the biting winds. We got back in, and I was downright HOT. (Yeah, I know, "quit braggin'".) I changed into a tank top to cool off... a little later, I went back downstairs to check the mail. Big mistake. I didn't dress for that quick trip into the cold winds, and now I've spent the last several hours trying to cough up a lung and keep my nose from running away.

Seasonal allergies, man. They suck.

Tomorrow, if I'm not booked for work, I intend to watch Bill Murray re-live February 2nd Eleventy Million times.

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