Saturday, February 27, 2016

Shave and (two) Haircut(s), No Bits!

I cut myself today.
This happened while I was cutting Stephen's hair. I do the back and sides with electric trimmers (1" guard), and then the top gets taken to with scissors. I've been cutting my own hair for years, now, and in all the time I've cut mine OR Stephen's, I have never cut myself. That damn knuckle just wanted a trim, I guess! Plus, it hurt so good. NOT.

Stephen doesn't really do "selfies", so I had to tell him where to look and have him push the webcam button so I could be doing my best (off-camera) Vanna White impression. After his haircut, he shaved his face while I trimmed my own hair (just a little). I'm mentally and emotionally ready for my summer buzz-cut, but I'm not sure if the industry is ready for it, so I'm still waiting. Also, it is still February, and since the weather could go back to cold (it's been known to happen), I'd like to still have my layer of warm atop my head. Quit Rushing Me! ;)

In other news, we wandered Big Lots today (nothing worth standing in line to pay for, altho I think a buck fifty is probably a good price for a thingy on which to drain my bathtub bar soap), and then we walked around our old 'hood. We like the apartment we're in, but if you've been reading my blog since we got back, you know that there are some issues here. We love our old North Hollyweird (NoHo, if you're hip) neighborhood, so when an apartment in our price range opens up, we'll probably figure out how to move One. More. Time. No, I don't relish the thought of packing up to move, especially since this time, we probably won't have any kind of "warm market" of friends to sucker into bribe with pizza and beer for helping us, and we'll likely have to rent a truck for the big shit. ... Unless the Credit Karma and Credit Sesame websites aren't just fucking with me, and we can actually buy some property, like in Van Nuys or something (because no one can afford to buy in NoHo), in which case we'll have more time than just the weekend preceding the first of a month to get it done! We'll have a whole week, right?

I'm kidding. I kid. I know that moving is a pain in the ass. I also know that we're not in our forever home just yet. We are back in the right range of zip codes. We're back in the right area code. These are not small things, people. Hopefully, finding our forever home will feel like a small thing, because the doors of the Universe will just open for us, and present us with that perfect place that perfectly fits our budget and creditworthiness.

While we're at it, Stephen's got a few things brewing, so we've individually and together taken a step or two in the right direction to stir that particular pot. I'm sure he wouldn't want me to divulge any secrets, so I shan't. Just know that between the two of us, we are gettin' our shit together. 2016 is lookin' good, so far!

How's your weekend shaping up? Any haircuts? And knuckle cuts? Any moving in the works?


  1. You just did that so you could give us all the finger.

    1. You got me, Lee. Plus, you GET me. Thanks. :)


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