Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I think? it was a good day today

Unable to find anyone to take my shift today, I worked with the guys in scheduling to make sure I could be done with my tour shift in time to make it to my second "shift" on set. Got in this morning and made sure again (because what got done yesterday somehow didn't "stick" this morning), so I was all set. Last tour was supposed to leave right at 1:30, so my half-hour lunch that ended right at 1:30 would cover the more than six hour shift I'd end up working so there'd be no "meal penalty", AND that last tour would be done with time to spare for me to get to set.

Except that, during my second tour, I missed a phone call. At lunch, I listened to the message. My call time was "pulled" half an hour, which meant that the 1:30 tour would return Just In Time for me to get to set. Okay, no worries.

Except that, during lunch, I got another call. This one was to tell me that my new call time was actually... TWO p.m. Rut-roh. There was No. Way. I'd be able to take a 1:30 tour at all and make it to set in time. I told the person on the phone I was actually at my other job and would have to try to finagle something, so if I wasn't going to make it by 2, I'd be calling them back. She seemed okay with that answer, considering it was already after 1 when I got that call.

So I had to talk to a manager. Sucks to have to talk to a manager, when you've gone to such lengths to make a situation work for all parties. She looked into the system, saw that there were unsold tickets that she could just "cancel", and that would essentially just take ONE tour guide out of the system for ONE tour. She appreciated that I'd gone to such lengths to make it work, so she made it work for me, too.

I clocked back in from lunch and then clocked out for the day (just so the timecard wouldn't reflect that I had never returned from lunch when I return to the Bros. on Friday, forgoodnesssake!). Then I changed my clothes and zipped over to Crew Parking. Arrived with ten minutes to spare, and when I checked in, ran into my friend the bartender, who had also been requested by the 2nd AD. When we eventually made it through the initial wardrobe approval process and were shuttled over to set, we discovered a rather large handful of crew from the show where we knew the 2nd AD. In fact, we found out that it was actually the 1st AD who had requested us, so if we ever have any more "dive bar" scenes for this particular show, at least two of us will likely return with some regularity. I love being requested. And again, I was complimented for my work on set by both the 1st and 2nd AD's, so I'm definitely being noticed. Very cool.

Three Good Things:

  1. Two good tours
  2. Management making it work for me to shorten my day
  3. Short but productive, fun, friendly, lucrative shoot day with a great catered meal and the possibility of return
So, yeah, I guess it was a very good day today. How was yours?


  1. Nice job juggling everything and getting it to work. Hopefully they call you back. That is so cool.

    1. Yeah, it was really "touch-and-go" for awhile; I was happy to get to do both gigs.


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