Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Message For Lee (well, and anybody else, too, for whom the circumstances may apply)


The Strangers are missing you. I finally got caught up yesterday and today on reading all of the blogs that are linked here in my sidebar, and what I noticed in the comments of more than one Stranger post was this question: "Where is Lee?"

So. If you (Lee, not Lee, whomever you are, Dear Reader) are a regular reader/commenter on any blog, I encourage you to revisit the blog(s) you used to frequent, and comment on one or more posts, just so the other people who frequent that blog won't worry about you. Thank you.

<End of PSA>


In other news, I drove to the old 'hood today so I could get some steps in and complete a coupla tasks. In between tasks, I stopped at the car to drop off/grab whatever stuff I was carrying/needed to carry for the next task. When I locked up the car the last time, someone pulled up and parked behind me. I paid no attention to this other driver; we were both just parked. I walked away to complete more tasks.

Approaching my car on my return, the other car was no longer there, but there was a note under my wiper:
I laughed when I read it, because it did make me feel good in the moment. I already felt like I looked good today; I'd already been complimented on my appearance by people who know me. But this was a brave stranger who put himself "out there" and hadn't been rude with catcalls or whistles.

I have no intention of calling or texting this dude. I had suggested to Stephen that he send a text message to the effect of "thank you for complimenting my wife; she was very flattered" or something. No dice; he laughed when he read it, too, but he doesn't want his number in the dude's phone either!

Managed to get my steps in, some work done, some necessary tasks completed, and now I'm catching YOU up. In a bit, we'll be watching some Jessica Jones and other tv. Tomorrow, Rock Band 4!

What's going on in YOUR weekend?


  1. I stopped going to Eli's blog I found it was becoming very much "facebookish". Self validation and what not. I know it's just a blog and we joke a lot on it, but when I stepped back and thought about things, it just didn't feel like a healthy place to be. Maybe that's also partially my fault. I was also starting to get really annoyed at his friend Matt. Almost every time he posts he just feels like an egotistical prick (sorry for the language). Anyway, I didn't want to be around all that anymore. It was just time to move on.

    Nice note by that guy BTW. Why don't women do that to me!?!? Hey, if you want I can text him for you. LOL...just kidding.

    1. LOL, no you needn't text the guy. Didn't know about you leaving Eli's blog, which you, of course, have every right to do. But the Stranger community is pretty Strange. And the Strangers (Nicole, The Suzzzz, and awesomesauciness, in particular) are definitely wondering where you've gotten to.

      If it feels too "Facebookish", then you DEFINITELY don't want to venture over to the "new" (it's in beta tests, so I guess no quotation marks needed) site, Imzy. The Strangers drifted over there and are posting willy-nilly amongst themselves. And of course, looking for you. I've said you're in Hawaii. Hopefully they'll leave it at that.

      Are you in Hawaii? ;)

    2. Not yet, I leave on Wednesday. If you have Instagram I'll be posting photos. Just look up leesenden and I'll add you if you are on.

      I left Facebook in 2012 because I was tired of how ridiculous it was getting. When I stepped back from The Stranger site I noticed it was becoming the same thing. So I just walked away. I didn't want to make a big deal of it so I didn't bother making a post.

      Anyway, if you're not on Instagram I'll send you a link to my photos after I'm back if you want to check them out.

    3. What about Twitter? I'm slowly but surely figuring out things that are NOT Facebook, which means I'm fairly newb-ish to Twitter, but I AM there. I'm part of The Bloggess' Tribe over there.

      Have a great trip!

    4. No, I'm not on Twitter. That's just as


    5. Well, I know you and Nicole are linked on Instagram. Maybe you can send her a private message re: not coming back to IJGS, and she'll link your pics, or something? Dunno how "public" you wanna make your departure on someone else's blog. :/

      Don't worry about any of it. Just have a good time. Take pics as you like; enjoy the sunshine and lava with your wifey. :)


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