Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm a bit rusty

'cuz I'm outta practice. TWO YEARS outta practice! But I did already earn 4 trophies, in addition to setting up a new PS4 user account and playing a coupla "gigs" with my "band", the Delta Butlers.

No, I did not choose or get to participate in the choosing of the name of the band. No, it is not a "real" band. It is a virtual band, with four virtual members, all of whom have been created by Stephen. Yes, "I" am one of the bandmembers. Yes, so is "Stephen". No, we do not look like ourselves.

But Boy, Howdy, am I RUSTY! Then again, it's been more than two years since I've played.

Three Good Things:

  1. Lunch date was awesome. Good food, good conversation, good catching up, good insights/leads into where we may find ourselves headed with the whole "forever home" issue.
  2. Following the lunch date, we walked over to Best Buy, to check out the RB4 deal. Stopped in at Costco first to see if there were Best Buy gift cards available for cheaper than face value. Apparently, there is quite a selection of gift cards at Costco, for which you pay less than FMV and then redeem as if you had purchased them for full price. Apparently, this is a thing. Apparently, there are people in this world who regularly purchase these and then redeem them for cash, because the law (?) states that a retailer must, if requested, give you the full balance of a gift card in cash, so long as the card is legit. Not that that was how we intended to transact our transaction, but had Costco sold Best Buy gift cards, then we'd have saved that additional amount on our purchase!
  3. Speaking of which: Best Buy had the Band in a Box for XBox and PS4 On. The. Shelf. I had been told that if there were none on the shelf, we could still get the sale price and have it shipped for no additional fee, right to our door on the second floor! Stephen had checked to see if we'd get the additional discount for that Gamer's Club thing I mentioned, and according to the FAQs, the answer was no, you just pay the lower price of the GC discount or the sale price. Still, there was something about "rewards points", so we checked in at the customer service desk first to see how it would all hypothetically turn out. Well, hypothetically, you can save $90 off the regular price of the Band in a Box if you also have a two-year membership in the GC and buy it on sale! That's more than 1/3 off regular retail! So I walked back home while Stephen continued "shopping" (to make sure no one else bought our BiaB), and when I returned with the car, we converted hypothesis into reality. Yay!
  4. Walking home to pick up the car allowed me to get all my steps in before 3:30 today. The thingy is still hoping I'll add another thousand steps or so, to keep my averages up, but screw that noise. MY goal is 10,000 steps. I don't care that I've mucked up the curve with my 14 and 18 thousand step (anomalous) days. I hit the goal, and I'm still streaking! Yay!
  5. I did get enough sleep last night, by going to bed early enough to contribute to the general health of the household. Unfortunately, the last thing we watched on tv was an edge-of-your-seat episode of Jessica Jones, and I was afraid I wouldn't sleep at all. As it turns out, just past 11:20, I Zonked Out, but without telling the thingy that I was in bed now. So when I awoke at 12:50 in the a.m., somewhat refreshed but also panicked (dreams, maybe?), I told it I was in bed. No way to tell it I had been sleeping, rather soundly. I then lay awake for at least half an hour, but because I was mostly lying still, it thought I was sleeping. Stupid technology thingy. Still, it managed to log that I reached my goal of 7.5 hours, so I'm still streaking on that front, as well. Yay! ? :/
Here are some pics of today:
Stephen's Guitar Solo tutorial, earned right away
Stephen also calibrated the system with the guitar
here he is, playing (although it looks like he's not)

The Box for The Band, with Cocoa looking on

My trophy for getting five stars on a song
My trophy for doing ten drum fills
I earned "Impressive stage presence" during a band show
And of course, I calibrated the system using the drum kit

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