Friday, March 11, 2016

Anybody Know What THIS is?

I had to snap this photo on my walk this evening, because I just haven't seen one in for-frickin'-ever. I know it's not a TARDIS, and Clark Kent can't change into Superman in it, but I think you can call a person not standing next to you with it if you somehow don't have a cell phone. You gotta have coinage in your pocket, though, and I'm not sure how much coinage you gotta have, and how long you get to talk to that person who's not standing next to you. But WOW.


In other news, WELCOME BACK, Hong Kong! It's been a year since you first arrived, and I didn't see any other mentions, so I'm assuming you've been gone all this time. Hopefully, you've had a good rest, and you're ready to re-visit the archives and catch up on all the things here.


In other other news, my allergies are kickin' my ass lately. And seriously, it's something in this apartment. I get out in the world, and the most I do is clear my throat. I'm here in the space, and I cough up a lung (or feel like it, and frankly, wish the lung would just cough up already). So I take my claritin-esque allergy medicine, and I use my Flonase steroidal nasal spray, and at night I consume some cider vinegar/honey/lemon "tea", and I suck on cough drops. And for the last two nights, I have taken some Nyquil-esque OTC meds to help me sleep.

Two nights ago, I really needed to get to sleep, and the OTC didn't help. Last night, I was just dog-tired. I took the meds, and I slept, and I didn't get up today until after 10 a.m. All day, I felt like I was in a Nyquil fog. I won't be taking any tonight. I spent most of the day in that Nyquil fog. I remember how Mommy would always talk about living her life in a fog. I don't wanna do that, if I can help it. If I need something in the daytime, I may take some Dayquil-esque OTC meds tomorrow, as long as I don't wake in the fog.

What really cleared me today, was getting out of the apartment and taking a walk. Stephen went with me, and we were only just trying to get enough "steps" in (as I spent a lot of today in bed) and clear my throat. During our walk, I saw that phone. Couldn't believe it. Had to snap a pic. That thing exists in Burbank.

When's the last time YOU saw a pay phone in person?

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