Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Ides of March

Three Good Things:

  1. Got the recall work on my car finished. It took all day, but it is DONE.
  2. Walked around the old 'hood again (while the car was in the shop). Walked in excess of 18,000 steps today. I'm tired, but it's a good tired.
  3. Checked out a few potential "forever" homes for us while I was walkin' the 'hood. Some apartments, some houses; got some more insight about the possibility of buying a place, as opposed to renting.
    no, it's not necessarily our "forever" home... but it's in the 'hood, and it is available.
  4. Started my summer tan. Seriously, I got baked while I was out walkin' the 'hood.
  5. Houseguest moved out into his other digs in Santa Monica. Good for him; and his presence here was definitely good for us. He left as a FRIEND. We'll see him again before he returns to New York, because on his way out, he inadvertently swiped my earbuds but left his leather jacket, so Stephen sent him a text message letting him know, and his response was "We'll do the hostage exchange tomorrow. Come alone. Bring the cops, and the buds get it." LOVE IT!
Unfortunately, I got word that another too-young furbaby had passed today. That's two for two, kids, and I'm not sure if I can handle all of this fur-loss. Their humans are coping, but this makes me just entirely too sad.

How was YOUR Ides of March?


  1. That's a nice house. Why do you call it the "hood". Is it a bad place to live or is that just your old stomping grounds?

    I don't know if it's the lighting on my computer but that looks more burned then tan. Again, some things don't always show correctly on the computer.

    Love the message he sent you. That's my kind of people.

    1. Our old stomping grounds; "'hood" is more fun to say than "neighborhood". :)

      Definitely sunburn. But it will end up as tan in a few days. Not so "deep" a burn as to peel. I'm blessed.

      And yeah, he's our kinda people, too.

    2. Well your old "hood" looks pretty nice from that one picture. The house looks really nice from the outside.

    3. Yeah, there are good houses and apartments in the 'hood. That's why we keep going back to look there.


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