Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Got my steps in EARLY today!

Got the car back from the shop yesterday, good as new. Was dog tired when I got back from my 18 thousand steps, so I ended up soaking for a very long time in the tub, with some essential oils thrown in for aromatherapy. Didn't feel like descending and then ascending the stairs to have to check the mail, so Stephen did it.

Received in yesterday's mail a postcard from the car dealership, letting me know that I'd won something. They used to send me these notices all the time, saying that they were ready to buy my car back from me, if I'd only like to test-drive something new, and what if I won something like a new car, or a vacation at Disneyland? I always only ever won the $10 Target Gift Card, but you know, that's like Mailbox Money, too. It had been a long time since I'd received one of these, since we'd moved across the country twice since the last one, and I had traded the 2008 Civic for my 2015 Fit a year ago. But there was the postcard in the mail yesterday, asking me to trade my 2008 Civic again.

So today, I walked over to the dealership to trade in my postcard for my Target Gift Card. I knew, before I even looked at the winning numbers for all the prizes, that my card had won the TGC. Every postcard I have received from them has had the same five-digit "winning" number on it. I know that, legally, they have to send the big prize winning numbered postcards out, but I imagine they know that the recipient of that particular piece of mail is never going to stop in to check to see if they've won. I don't know how they know to whom to send the winning prize cards, but they always send me the TGC one. 'Sokay; again, it's Mailbox Money.

So I ate a little, filled a water bottle, and had Morgan Freeman talk me through the route. I already knew the route, frankly, but I wanted to hear Morgan Freeman tell me. Two miles away from home, I passed a recording studio. Discovered that it's a voiceover recording studio, so I picked up a business card and chatted briefly with a receptionist-type chick that worked there. Now I know where to go, when I book VO work that's typically recorded in a home studio. I just have to make sure that the gig pays more than enough to cover the rental. Still, it's there, and it's only two miles from home. Easy.

After walking "moderately" for an hour and a half, I arrived. I traded my postcard for my TGC. I crossed the street to the service area to wait for the shuttle home. I just didn't feel like walking 25 thousand steps today, and that's what it would have been, if I'd had to walk all the way home. But the dealership has a shuttle that will take customers one-way, away from the service department, and even though technically, I was a service customer yesterday rather than today, I was already halfway home by the time the driver asked, so Pbbbbbbbththththththth. Technically, I am a regular customer of the dealership, and this will be the first shuttle I've ever taken.

So ennyhoo. I walked 12.5 thousand steps today, and I got home in time to discover Mailbox Money. Well, really, it was a paycheck for the other day, but I had forgotten already that I hadn't yet been paid for that day, so it was like Mailbox Money, in that it was unexpected.

Three Good Things:

  1. Got my steps in EARLY today!
  2. Got Mailbox Money, TWICE.
  3. I'm blogging early, so maybe (just maybe) I'll get to bed earlier tonight than I've been
I was going to review High Fidelity for you, having had time to watch it this afternoon, but I won't. It was good; lots of unexpected guests; felt like a Cameron Crowe movie, but that's probably because John and Joan Cusack were both in it. I enjoyed it; that is enough.

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