Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Another "I Got Nothin'" kinda day

I went to bed early last night (yes, midnight is early); I got up around 8:30 this morning.

I periodically checked emails; I frequently checked for gigs to submit myself for; I periodically submitted for stuff.

I occasionally consumed food; I evacuated my waste as needed. I made a couple of phone calls; I made an appointment; I hope to somehow book some work tomorrow.

I took one fast walk for about an hour; I consumed a goodly amount of sparkling water following that workout; I took another walk a bit later to get my remaining steps in and consumed nothing for the rest of the day until now.

I caught up on Holly's blog; I commented occasionally; I played some solitaire; I rubbed Cocoa's belly as oft as she requested it.

Stephen got in from work and ate some leftovers; he then offered me a macaroon, which I ate.

I'm posting this so I can maintain my blogging streak. I apologize for having nothing fun to report. It was just that kinda day. I'm gonna get to bed early (yes, midnight is early) and hope to somehow book some work tomorrow.

What do you do to turn around I Got Nothin' days, if anything?


  1. "I evacuated my waste as needed". Thank you for this. It was much needed information. LOL

    1. hey, I tell the truth here. glad to be of service.

  2. 'evacuated my waste as needed' ha ha ha!!! I have many 'got nothing' days truth be told and they are always so welcome and precious!!I just watch TV and eat ice cream!!

    1. I'm glad you lol'd. I just want to be working, and not whine about NOT working, ya know?

      And I think your "got nothing" days are actually few and far enough between that they feel like they are "deserved".


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