Thursday, March 24, 2016

NOT a "Nothing" Day!

No, I didn't get to go to work today, which means I'm probably not going to get to go to work at all this week, since tomorrow is a SAG holiday. grumble mutter grumble fratz

HOWEVER, I did accomplish a few things, which I'm reporting to you here and now.

Three Good Things, I hope, once I get them outta my brain here for ya:

  1. I heard back from the dude at the credit union who deals with mortgage financing. According to the data I was able to provide him, we are really unlikely to qualify for a mortgage through the credit union. This doesn't mean we're definitely not in the market; it just means we have to find a lender who will take our circumstances, both good and bad, into account, and offer us a loan we can afford. Both of the realtors I spoke with seemed to think it's a possibility. It's just not one through the credit union. That's okay. This is still a Good Thing, because it's movement; it's answers.
  2. I walked over to Costco for the walking, sampling lunch, and then over to the other shopping center to do a bit of browsing again, just for the sake of "getting my steps in". While I was sitting in "The Most Comfortable Office Chair in the World" (not), I got fussed at by my non-FitBit thingy because of my "slower start"... after I'd already made it almost halfway to my goal for the day! So I fussed back. If you give a "thumbs up" to any coaching, then the thing is supposed to learn how to coach you, based on what you've already said you "like". If you give a "thumbs down" to it, it asks you to expound. Boy, Howdy, did I expound. "You don't know me, non-FitBit thingy! You don't know what I have to go through to get up in the morning, or find someplace decent to walk, just to please you. You don't know how much I wish I could make you happy by walking everywhere I go, with purpose and feeling. Etc." or something to that effect. Thingy was all like, yeah okay, we'll coach you better next time. We okay? And I was all like, yeah, okay, I guess. And then thingy was all like, cool. But I digress. I got my friggin' steps in before 6 p.m. - Yay, Me!
  3. While out in the world, I found something I want. I know, I know, I was all "Declutter, bitches! Get rid of all the Things, and Live a Simpler Life, full of Experiences, instead of Stuff!" But Best Buy is having a brief sale on Rock Band 4, Band in a Box, and if we get it, then I'll have drums to play again! It's 20% off, and if Stephen joins the "Gamer's Club", it'll be discounted again (as will all of the games that he'll buy anyway, whether he joins or not; he IS a gamer)! Not that the sale price makes it cheap, but it is the best price we've seen since before Christmas.
  4. Also while at Costco, I got attacked by the skin cream sampling ladies. I'm debating that "investment". It does have a 30-day "love it or return it" policy (as all Costco items do), so if I don't love it after buying it, I do NOT have a problem returning it. It's just kinda expensive. But has my sample done me a world of good? I dunno; you may vote amongst yourselves.
    I think it may take a few days, if not a week. I had no idea I look so ragged today!
    Then again, I did just get in from 11,000 steps. :/
  5. I'm booked for Monday! Yay, ME!
  6. Apparently, we have a lunch date tomorrow, with a friend who works at Disney. Not that the lunch date is at Disney, but it's still a nice thing to get together with a friend in the industry, in the middle of the day.
  7. I'm blogging early today. Maybe this will mean we watch tv early and get to bed early and start improving the general health of this household. (I've coughed very little in the past few days, yay me)
Do you wish you could declutter? Do you wish you were awesome on Rock Band drums, like I am? Do you love your skin cream? Do you wanna join us for lunch tomorrow?


  1. Yes to all the questions. Number 2 made me laugh out loud because I could HEAR you arguing with your device. Love you so much. Keep up the good work.

    1. Well, then, you need to get your ass to our local Mexican restaurant in the next coupla hours or so, and bring your skin cream with ya, so's you can "sell" me on it. The first two, I don't think I can help you resolve in just one comment.

      As for the rest, tankyubellymush. Love ya back. I will.


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