Sunday, March 13, 2016

This Post Has No Title

Three Good Things:

  1. I sidled forwards (no "springing" for me), because I didn't have anywhere to be today, so I got up after a good night's sleep (for the most part, save for a 3/4 a.m. coughing fit).
  2. I got Smokey's claws trimmed. What a fuss he puts up! But boy, howdy, did those claws need trimming! Now he'll (hopefully) quit scratching the flip-flops by the door (I dunno what it is about flip-flops), and he'll no longer get caught up in the bedding.
  3. I got my steps in! Yesterday I walked an incredible ... 596 steps. Yup, that's right, kids, I barely moved from the bed to the couch or anywhere other than the kitchen or bathroom yesterday. But today, lemme tell ya ...  Stephen and I went to do the walking, sampling lunch at Costco, and then we followed that with browsing at the Empire Center, which included looking at desks at Staples and Hepa air cleaners at Lowe's, Target, and Best Buy, with a return to Costco and another appliance store we'd never ventured into before to look at appliances for our forever home. We're starting to dream, kids.
  4. I helped the houseguest prepare an amazing shrimp-and-scallops dish. I've not ever prepared scallops before, and these were simply fantastic. We're planning to do it again before he moves out, so I can do the work and he can supervise. Yummers!
  5. I'm going to get this blog posted before midnight and then go to bed, once I finish my cider vinegar "tea". Yes, this is a Good Thing.
I haven't posted TGT in awhile; have you missed my lists? Do you have any TGT you've been saving up for me? Lemme have 'em. Post 'em in the comments, wontcha?


  1. Replies
    1. Smokey is my grey big boy cat, and Cocoa is his petite brown sister. You've seen pics of them in previous posts. I do the clipping of the nails, and Cocoa will make some noise when I do, but Smokey squirms and hollers and hisses. They always get treats afterwards, but he doesn't ever remember that (they're not Pavlovian).

    2. Oh right. I remember those pictures now. Yeah, I hate cutting our cats nails. Luckily both of mine aren't that bad. They just squirm a lot, but so far no hissing or scratching...although it sometimes gets close. I have to cut ours soon...almost two weeks till we're off to Hawaii, so I need to do it before then...or twice before then at the rate their claws grow.

    3. I don't mind the hissing; there's never any scratching or biting. Squirming delays the inevitable, but whatcha gonna do if you're a cat?

      Hawaii in two weeks, eh? The wife's letting you leave the frozen north? Any layovers in Los Angeles?

    4. LOL, oh she likes to travel. She just doesn't want to move away. We live in like, the middle of Canada, where it's at least 16 hours to anything good in any direction. There are cities close to ours but nothing that great.

      We're going through Vancouver, so no LA for us just yet.

    5. Oh, well. I guess you'll just have to store up enough fun and sunshine to make up for missing ME. ;)


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