Thursday, March 17, 2016

I'm on a streak!

No, I'm not streaking... I was informed by my non-FitBit thingy app in my phone that I've "worked out" or "reached my step goal" (of 10,000 daily steps) for three consecutive days! And that my "daily average" was now 14,000! All this before I actually reached 14,000 steps today. (and yes, I did take 14,000 steps today)

Could not wake from my dream this morning. Not that I wanted to wake from my dream this morning. I was filling out a contract while on set; there was a check for 6 grand included in all the paperwork, "for my work today", according to the producer. Pretty sure I'd been booked as background for the day and upgraded to a principal role without an audition. Would YOU have wanted to wake from that dream?

When I did eventually get up, I got caught in about an hour-long coughing fit. That sucked. Once that was over, I took yesterday's mailbox money to the bank and got my steps in.

I get to be on set tomorrow; yay! I know I'll get plenty of steps in while on set, but I have no idea how many I'll get, or how many days I'll continue my "streak".

But for now, I've packed my bag, I've set up my makeup and hair accoutrements, I've taken my melatonin, brushed my teeth, set the morning alarms and mapped out my route. I get to travel over the hill at Dawn's Tramp Stamp to be checked in and ready by 6:48 a.m. By "ready", I mean "hair and makeup camera-ready" and with timecard in hand by 6:48 in the edge of the crack of Dawn. Oh, and "having had" breakfast. I have to be out my door by 5:30 or so in the freaking morning. No Way am I eating breakfast at that hour!

I'll be arriving on set with my hair in rollers, and no face other than pre-makeup moisturizing. I'll have my hairbrush and hairspray ready. I'll have my makeup ready to paint, but I cannot arrive on set ready to shoot at 6:48 in the morning, and I KNOW that the production doesn't really expect me to be camera-ready at that hour.

But I get to be on set tomorrow; yay! And once I've posted this, I should really get to bed. But I'm not even remotely sleepy. Whadd'rya gonna do?

Are YOU on a streak? What exactly are YOU streaking about/into/over? ;)


  1. Great job with the steps. Maybe I should start doing that.

    Hopefully work goes well for you today. And I'm with you on eating breakfast that early in the morning. I'd rather starve then eat that early. My stomach isn't ready for food until 9 am. 8 am when we're on holidays somewhere.

    Anyway, good luck today!

    1. Thanks, Lee. I got here with plenty of time, and there was food available on set, so I've eaten and been approved by all the vanities, and worked on camera already.

      Dunno if I WILL move enough to get my steps in today, alas!


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