Thursday, March 31, 2016

(More) Mailbox Money Magnetism, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I heard the mail come early (again) today. I'm hoping that this is not just a substitute carrier, but that our route has been re-routed to someone "permanent" who will always bring the mail before noon. I like getting the mail before noon, because if I'm home all day anyway, and there's something in the mailbox that is worth leaving the apartment to attend to, then there's plenty of time to attend to that something during business hours. Win!

Today's "something to attend to" is mailbox money. I LOVE that!
Don't spend it all in one place, amiright? ;)
So I'm gonna take this enormous residuals check to the credit union and deposit that fat sucker. Then I'm gonna walk over to Trader Joe's and see if there's anything awesome that needs to come home with me. Then I'll probably walk around the old 'hood and see if there are any new houses or apartments up with realtor/rental signs. That should make the non-FitBit thingy happy.
I know this is Wayne Brady, and not a FitBit.
However, as NOT a FitBit, I guess he qualifies as a "non-FitBit thingy"
(although he may object to being classified as a "thingy"; I actually doubt that he would object)
And it's all because the mail came early (again) today. There's also something nice for Stephen in the mailbox, but I'll leave it for him. (Maybe I'll update this post later regarding that).

Do YOU do a Happy Dance like that of Wayne Brady when YOU receive Mailbox Money? I don't necessarily do a Happy Dance, but I definitely DO say "I Am a Money Magnet, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

UPDATE: as of now-ish, I have walked 20128 steps. The non-FitBit thingy was, in fact, ecstatic.

um, NO. But I will share it on my blog, and then Twitter/Facebook from there.
It didn't update the steps just now, and the day's not really over, per se.
But I'm tired.
And Stephen got one of his two new pairs of glasses in the mailbox:
Lookin' Gooooood!

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