Monday, March 14, 2016

I made a new friend today

I was taking a walk. I had the walking, sampling lunch at Costco (because it's a good way to get steps in), with the intention of stopping at Harry's Family Restaurant for Pi(e) on Rounded Pi Day (3.1416). On my way back from Costco, I had to cross a couple of streets "with" this dude who lived walking distance to the shop where his car was getting some work done, so at each intersection, we chatted briefly about the beautiful day we were walking in. Then I crossed a particular street against the pedestrian light but with the traffic light, and left ol' Mitch in my dust. I only know his name because he answered his phone at one intersection with "This is Mitch". We both continued in the same direction but no longer kept pace with each other.

I ended up at Harry's. I asked the chick at the host station (who ended up being my server) whether they had any specials for Pi Day. She was lost; didn't know about Pi Day. She came over to wait on me, and I told her I wanted pie. Brought me my choice (banana cream) and went to let another lone diner get seated. I could tell that the new diner was also there for just pie (because she was ordering the cherry as she was sitting), so I invited her to join me at my table.

Sarah has been in town for 21 years. She's worked in the industry for 12. She started way-the-hell outta town, like I did when I first arrived, knowing nothing about the industry she was trying to break into, like I did, and somehow found her way to her present situation, like I did. She had worked as a page, giving walking tours at NBC, as well as doing the scripted backlot tours at the Universal Studios Theme Park. I, as you know, have been a tour guide at Warner Bros.

She has dabbled in background acting and PA work, and is currently a Story Producer for reality television. She has had some family issues back home in Wisconsin that she occasionally gets to travel for. It's not the kind of travel she has in mind (she's hoping to go somewhere she's never been), but she works gig to gig to be able to save up for that kind of travel. We have common themes in our lives, Sarah and I, and our pie-for-lunch was really a great time of conversation. I was initially on my phone, planning to post a Facebook status for Pi Day. She took a picture of her pie with her phone to post later on Instagram. We both put our phones down, face down, and enjoyed our getting-to-know-you time.

As we were leaving, she realized she hadn't ordered the minimum required for credit card use, so she got another slice of pie to go. I paid cash for mine, and we walked out together, continuing our talk. She took my name, number, and email down on the back of a business card, letting me know that if she hears of anything for which I would be suited, she would refer me. I'm hoping that she'll look me up on IMDb and possibly Google me to find this blog if she feels as good about our interaction as I do.

I can definitely see us becoming friends. In person friends. How many of those do we have anymore? How many do YOU have?

***** at this point in the day, I have logged ~7600 steps. I'm not seeing needing to take another 2300 steps today, but I'm not dissatisfied with 7600. I'll just keep on truckin'!


  1. What are you, my mom?!?!? OMG. Talking to someone she doesn't know is so my mom. She talks to strangers all the time and starts having conversations with them. No wonder I'm so introverted, I always felt so embarrassed when she did that. Although I find myself talking to strangers more as I get older now as well...nowhere near what she does, but little by little. The only difference is, my comments are awkward and weird because I'm introverted and don't speak well off the cuff like she does.

    But yeah, as far as friends go, I have none. My wife has a couple from school but she barely sees them. Maybe 2 times a year. Most of our family takes up our time (4 siblings on my side, 3 on hers). I go to movies with one of the guys I work with, but we aren't really friends as I would say a real "friend" is someone you talk and do stuff with outside of work, as well as have over to your house and visa versa. It's difficult, because I don't really identify with any of the siblings that we have. My one son and I are the same and get along. I get along with my other son as well but we don't click as much as my older one. And my one nephew and I do things together sometimes. But most people I don't really click with, or already have their "friend group" that they're in and don't seem to want any more in their group. Most of my neighbors don't talk to us (maybe a nod and a hello but that's it). The one neighbor that does is not in our age group (not that that matters) but you can tell we're more just good neighbors and that's it. We don't really have anything in common. I'm not a "man's man" so most of my wife's side doesn't talk to me as I don't drink or like talking stupid, because that's all that comes out of their mouths is stupid things most of the time, specifically from one brother in law. It's hard. I only really click with certain people so to try and find friends is very difficult for me. I'm not someone who can just shoot the shit or talk about fluff...if I'm going to talk, I want to talk about something meaningful, or have a discussion. Oh well...such is my life.

    It's good that you can do stuff like that and just open up.

    1. Wow, Lee. I'm suddenly very sad for you.

      It's funny, though, how we who comment regularly on Eli's blog, seem as if we would all be best friends in person!

    2. While my car was at the shop today, I was getting my steps in, back in my old 'hood. Over the course of five hours, I had passing interactions/conversations with maybe ten strangers. None of them will be friends, but we did say more than "hello".

      My own Mommy was very much like your Mom - she "never met a stranger", as they say.

    3. The life of an introvert. Hard to make friends, but when you make them we're pretty loyal.

      I did forget, we do have one "couple" friends that we do get together with 2 or 3 times a year, but that's it. We both live just outside of the city, but in different towns so we're not really close by. And they don't really have any family in the city to watch over their kid (and they live in a small town so I'm not sure if there are many babysitters nearby) so when we get together, it's always with the kids. But it's still good.

      The other thing is, I've always gotten along better with women then men, which is why I probably got along with most of you.


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