Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Workin' on Workin'

Three Good Things:

  1. I acquired for myself a cheapo version of a FitBit, because I wanted to see how many steps I walk in a day. I'm workin' on gettin' in 10K steps a day. It's hard to accomplish if you have nowhere to be. Now that I'm not working at the Bros, I really don't get out of the house much. Yesterday, Stephen and I exceeded 21K steps each, but that's because the car was at the dealership, and we had a lot of things we could do while we were out in the old 'hood. Today, I walked over to IKEA to look at some furniture, and then when I got mailbox money for my gig last week, I drove over to the credit union (just to be sure I'd get there before they closed, not because I wanted to drive), and then walked over to Trader Joe's (just for the steps, not because I needed any groceries). Today I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of 6800. Not bad, but not great.
  2. Also spending time workin' on Emily's Moebius Scarflet. Sitting still for long periods of time means that I make progress on one goal while completely and utterly defeating the step goal. Oh, well. Whadd'rya gonna do?
  3. Also submitting myself for set work as often as an appropriate gig comes across my network. That means all appropriate gigs, no matter what form the "network". Including "networking" with actual people.

You guys know me. I just wanna be working.

Who among you wants to be my manager, so I can always be working? Jump on that, wouldja?


  1. Not that this has anything to do with your post, but for some reason I never read your side profile thing. Today I did and then went to your IMDB profile. I was like, hey, she just calls herself "Emelle". So are you like Cher? Just one name? :)

    1. Cher, Madonna, Eminem, "50 Cent"... all the cool kids only use one name. ;)


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