Monday, March 7, 2016

Mailbox Money Magnetism

Last year, I did some background acting and got "upgraded" to a principal contract with a handful of other bg artists. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen. It was a sweet paycheck, on the day, and even though there was no screen credit, my episode is out there, and because it has played in foreign markets, I got my first residuals check today.

The show plays on premium cable. That means they have my episode in perpetuity, and there's probably some "forever" to the ability to access that episode, which means that anyone who worked it on a principal contract will likely receive residuals "forever". Each check gets progressively smaller, probably because of the law of diminishing returns (aptly named, right?). I know some actors who get upset when the value of the check is less than the postage it took to mail it, and yeah, they have a point. Still. Mailbox Money. :D
No, I'm not showing you the check, nor divulging the amount.
That would be crass. And also, probably not a "safe" thing to share on the interwebs.
This is not retirement income, kids. It's just going to always be mailbox money. It would be great to be able to work enough union background gigs that I can start qualifying for health and pension credits, so that I can eventually retire from this industry that I love. Eventually.

It would also be really great if, along the way, I get upgraded to principal contracts from time to time, so that my mailbox can be as much of a Money Magnet (Thank You, Thank You, Thank You) as I am, in general, and as it was today. I forgot to put myself on the rush call list, so I know I have at least one errand I gotta do tomorrow. If the weather stays dry, maybe I'll walk it. Gotta get those steps in!

Don't you love Mailbox Money? What sorts of things do you do to get it? What sorts of things do you do to celebrate its arrival?

***** actually, the mailbox was full of treats for me today. The "other" errand I have for tomorrow is to apply this sticker to the TARDIS' license plate. Yay!


  1. I don't know what it is with that first picture, I think it's the way it was taken, but it reminds me of Paul Williams back in the 70's when he used to wear those big sunglasses all the time. Not that you look anything like Paul Williams, it's just the sunglasses and the lighting.

    And your second picture is freaking me out a little. Makes me think of an axe murderer. :D

    1. Both pictures were taken using the webcam, at night, with the only light source being the computer screen. So, yeah, I AM the World's Best Photographer! You felt about these two pics EXACTLY as I had intended... Paul Williams and axe murderer, yup.

      You get what you get, Lee. My excitement lives on a variety of levels, but always with a big smile, and quite often with crazy-big eyes.

    2. Hey, whatever floats your boat. At least your smiling.


    3. "you're" smiling, Lee. Yes, I am. :)

    4. I hate you....NO ONE CORRECTS ME!!!


  2. You don't hate me, Lee. And I correct everyone.

    I suppose I could've asked, "at least my smiling WHAT, Lee? "


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