Sunday, March 20, 2016

It had a late start, but it's become a productive day

Had a nice soak in the tub last night, to see if that would help me sleep right away (and sideline any coughing fits). Yes and no; I got into bed just shy of midnight, but I could tell that if I lay there long enough to try to sleep, the coughing would start, so I got up to lay on the couch and keep the coughing at bay (Stephen had gone to bed before my soak, because he had to be at work fairly early this morning). So I didn't make it to bed until 12:40, and then I didn't fall asleep right away, as the cats joined me to settle down, which meant Cocoa snuggled at my feet and Smokey walked over my "lap" several times. According to the non-FitBit thingy, I fell asleep by 12:45, and was sleeping soundly by 12:50. Not that I looked at a clock, but I don't buy it. Still, I think maybe by 1 a.m.

But my hair was wet, so I woke up mostly rested but with amazing bedhead. No, I did not get a photo, because I was unable to take the pic I really wanted to, which would have been on the webcam, here in the blog, taken by my big toe, so you could all be witness to my morning. Even before I was awake enough to eat, I had a furbaby on either side of my lap here on the couch, snuggled in for belly rubs. And me in the middle, sitting upright but really just still sleeping. Spent most of my day in that position.

Three Good Things:

  1. Have coughed very little today, even with all the dander I'm sure I've kicked up, what with all the furbaby lovin'. Here's a video (not my own) of some fun furbabies:

  2. My plan this weekend is to move just enough so that nobody thinks I'm dead
    Posted by ViralSlot on Friday, March 18, 2016
  3. Just before Stephen was to get off work, I decided to attempt getting my steps in to continue my streak, so I headed in his general direction, and then we walked home via some shoe stores to pre-shop replacing his pair for work. Ended all of that at ~8800 steps.
  4. Prepared dinner, a lovely seafood dish that the last houseguest had made for us once and then left the recipe for upon his exit from our abode. It was easy, tasty, and there were plenty of leftovers without it being too much. Also emptied the dishwasher and re-loaded it, so the kitchen would be mostly clean by the time we were ready to eat. An empty sink is a beautiful sight.
  5. Got our 2015 taxes filed! Yay!
  6. Wrapped up dinner and walked the remaining 1200 steps I needed. That's a very short trip!
  7. Am blogging pretty early for me (lately), because Stephen has gone to bed early again. If we can both manage to hit the hay earlier than was our previous norm, that should do wonders for the general health of the household.
I'm still hopeful that the rush call availability line will be effective again, someday soon (like tomorrow), and that work in my chosen industry will come rushing at me with such force that I shall have to choose among all my opportunities. Also, that my allergies will subside so much that in reading through my archives, I'll wonder what the hell I've been talking about for so damn long!

How was YOUR weekend? Do anything fun or productive?


  1. The kitty cat video actually made me giggle. I could totally relate. I'm currently on day 11 of my virus/bronchial/pneumonia thingy and the laugh did me good. I didn't even cough! That's amazing!

    1. Yay for a good giggle without the coughing fit! I know the weather has been over you, because you've been missed here. Get better soon, big sis! Love ya.


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