Thursday, March 10, 2016

Think I might be too tired to blog tonight!

Spent the bulk of the day with the new houseguest. I must say that this experience is what I had expected of the last one. This friend has goals, drive, ambition, and little time to get all the shit done that needs doing. So he's not pussy-footing around here, telling us half-truths or making half-promises.

We went shopping together (did the walking sampling lunch at Costco) for both groceries and a few small items he needed. Stephen went to work. I navigated him through parts of Burbank, Toluca Lake, and North Hollyweird. Some of it was familiar, some not-so-much. He was able to make a couple of important phone calls, get wheels turning for his next couple of days, and make plans for when he moves off our futon next week to conclude his whirlwind tour in someone else's spare bedroom.

We had dinner together and made plans to pick up Stephen from work, early enough to also refill the kitty litter bucket. We talked all day about our lives up to this point, and what's in the works for our next phases, and other stuff like that. And we got our daily "steps" in! Yay!

So now we're just sitting here, digesting dinner and our conversations, getting ready to fetch the hubster. And before I head to bed, I'll probably consume some honey/ginger/cider vinegar "tea", and hope to sleep right away. I'm tired!

But in a good way. Do you ever have that kind of really satisfying bone-tiredness?

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