Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcome, Northern Mariana Islands!

I spent a looooooong time "following" a buncha new people on Twitter yesterday (The Bloggess Tribe), so if you've found me via her, then THANK YOU for your visit, please come again, peruse the archives for something that piques your interest, and tell your friends! Or, if you found me somehow without any Jenny-assistance, well, then, all of the above still applies! My map, unfortunately, makes it very difficult to see islands, because, well, ISLANDS. So, bring friends when you visit again, and maybe I'll be able to find you by way of a dark green dot. Alternatively, you could comment here with a geography lesson. I ain't afraid to admit that my geography education matches that of most of the US of A - sorely lacking!


In other news,
Three Good Things:

  1. I have missed my steps for a couple of days this week, and somehow, I have been able to ignore the chastisement I've been receiving from the non-FitBit thingy. TODAY, I got my 10,000 steps in! Yay, me!
  2. I was up until 1:30 this morning (I was about to type "last night" but I realized that it was actually This-God-Forsaken-Morning), trying to figure out/configure my Android phone and the Twitter app on said phone so that I would NOT receive noisy notifications, not even vibration notifications during the night. I did not want any of that noise to wake me or Stephen. I did eventually figure it out (by 1:30) and went to bed. I didn't quite get my minimum 7 1/2 hours of sleep, so of course the non-FitBit thingy fussed at me over that, but tonight I shall get to bed EARLY! Yay, me!
  3. While I was out walking, the sky turned weird. I got a few cool pics, which I'm sharing for you here.

    While walking in the SUNNY part of the sky (like, I could totally feel the sun shining on my face), I got rained on (a little bit, like just a few sprinkles). I've had that happen plenty in Florida (they call that "liquid sunshine"), but never here. Rain is ALWAYS a Good Thing in SoCal.
  4. Once Stephen got home, he ate some leftovers, so I threw some ingredients into a pan on the stove. I'm calling it Nongarian Goulash. I have no idea if it actually looks like Goulash, but it was pretty tasty, and it all fit into one pan. Yay!
"Nongarian Goulash"

Whatcha got that's good, friends?


  1. One of those people from Twitter, so hi! I'll return tomorrow -- subscribed.

    1. Yay! Thanks! This blog ONLY goes back to the end of 2013, so you're not TOO far behind! ;)

  2. Yeah she doesn't even know where Canada is.


    1. Are you back from Hawaii, Lee? I know that Canada and Hawaii are three light-years apart, geographically, so there's THAT, at least.

      Actually, even ONE visit from Canada lights up a pretty enormous green patch on my blogger map, so I have a *pretty good* idea where that is. Besides having driven through it in 1976. You haven't moved it since then, have ya?

      Welcome back.

    2. Wow, in 1976 I was 3 years old.

    3. Hey, at least you were alive. Thanks for the "old" jab. Good thing I can take it.

      And I was a child for that trip; didn't know I'd have to qualify "driving". :P

    4. By child did you mean teenager? :D

      I'd be running away right now if I was standing near you when I said that.

    5. No, Lee. I was a CHILD. I don't know what you're going to do to get off my shit list, but I advise you to work on that STAT. ;)


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