Friday, March 4, 2016

Progress? or Congress?

We've got stuff "in the works", as it were. I finished Emily's Moebius Scarflet, just in time for t-shirt weather where she lives, so I will either send it out to her when I damn well feel like it, or maybe my brother will have a reason and time to pack up his little family unit to come visit us in North Hollyweird, once we get ourselves moved out of Burbank. Again, we haven't yet found our forever home, but it's one of the things that is "in the works". We like our current apartment, but not enough to continue past this summer. That's the rough timeline, at this point (in my mind, at least). No particular date to move out; just spending internets browsing time looking at housing options. Waiting for the Universe to present us with our forever home while looking to see what's out there now.

We both had the day off, and nowhere to "be", per se, so we spent most of it sitting on our asses on the couch surfing the 'nets, playing games, reading, writing, and whatever else we did. I ate breakfast and lunch; Stephen consumed three carrots. Eventually, we decided we needed to get out of the house, and to prompt my new fitness thingy into counting steps, we walked over to Lowe's. While there, we looked at floor lamps, kitchens, refrigerators, and flooring. Not because we need any of those things, and certainly not with the intention of walking home carrying any of those things. Just doing a little dreaming for our forever home.

On the way home, we stopped in at Target and Best Buy to look at "cutting the cable" options. We currently have DirecTV, and we're not unhappy with them as a company or a television service provider. But we're finding that the shows we watch may be cheaper for us to access via one of those Roku/Chromecast/AppleTV (no, we'll never get an AppleTV) box thingies. A bit more dreaming, probably for the forever home, but possibly for sooner, as it'll be something very easy to transport from this location to the next. While we were in Best Buy, I noticed that they had the Rock Band 4, Band in a Box for PS4 on the shelf. Every Other Time I have been in Best Buy since last Christmas, when the system came out, they've only had it available for something other than PS4, so I haven't had to "pine" over not being able to play my drums. But today, there it was. Which means I'm going to start paying attention to that again. What follows here is a not-terribly-interesting video of me:

It's the only "videogame" I play, kids. All of my other electronic games are brain-powered. But back in the day, when I picked up the drumsticks and started playing Rock Band 1, I suddenly had a reason to sit and face the television screen for hours at a stretch. And I found that somehow, it was a good workout. No Idea Why.

So anyway, once home, Stephen made us some stir-fry dinner, and we ate it, and I've been trying to finish this post before we watch some pre-bedtime teevee. The cats have enjoyed some belly rubs and head skritches, and my allergies have kicked back up. Don't believe me?
this allows me to type with both hands, duh.
Three Good Things?
  1. Blogging these days is pretty easy. Even without much to say before I start typing, I manage to say a lot. Thanks for sticking it out with me, even on "slow" days.
  2. Stephen is enjoying cooking these days. And he's a good cook. I'm grateful for that.
  3. Cocoa is super-affectionate, especially when I'm trying to finish something (i.e. make Progress in my Productivity). And she doesn't judge me when I make Congress in my Productivity. Yay!
What about you? Progress or Congress? ;)

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