Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Got my steps in Early-ISH today!

Three Good Things?:

  1. Went to bed before midnight last night, and managed to fall asleep pretty much around midnight (not quite as early as the non-FitBit thingy claims, but Really. How Does It Know?)
  2. Let the alarm ring at 7:30, then 7:35, then 7:40, then 7:45. Managed to get out of bed between 8 and 8:30. Not bad, for a day with no plans. *** Stephen and I tried to see a matinee of Deadpool today. Did you know that the AMC theater chain in the Valley only offers matinee pricing for showtimes before noon, and if there is no showtime before noon of a particular movie, then you are just S.O.L. for saving any money? This is the reason we did not see Deadpool today. Stupid movie theater chain. ***
  3. Drove over to the old 'hood instead, to walk to the credit union and then Trader Joe's and then back to the car with a few essentials, and then drove over to Costco for the walking, sampling lunch and a few more essentials.
  4. Got home, put groceries away, and then I walked around a big block to finish my 10,000 steps well before 5 p.m. Also stopped in one last grocery store and picked up a one-pound box (that felt significantly heavier) of coconut macaroons from the bakery. Had a cuppa joe and a macaroon with Stephen when I got home from that, to make up for the "day not going as planned" from earlier.
  5. Am slowly but surely making my way through the backlog of blog-reading I have on my plate. Am blogging now so I can call it a day, watch a little boob tube, and get to bed before midnight again (I hope).
Have you anything Good to report?


  1. Wait, you didn't go see an early viewing of Batman v Superman?!?! What kind of WB employee are you? :D

    Actually I'm not really a fan of Zack Snyder movies, even though I really want this movie to be good, I have no faith in him as a director.

    That being said...Deadpool was awesome!!! Loads of laughs.

    1. I'm no longer employed by the Bros., Lee, so I don't have access to the screenings.

      We'll probably end up waiting for the Blu-Ray for Deadpool. Close to the same price as two "matinee" tickets, with extra features, and we can make our own popcorn? Done.

    2. Ok. I thought you were still employed by them when you do your parts in their shows.

    3. Oh, no, Lee. That would make me an employee of six major studios around town, in addition to all the minor stuff that shoots without studio backing. As a bg artist or script supervisor or anything else I do in the industry, I'm either an employee or subcontractor for Just That Production, for Just That Day/Week/Gig.

      My Warner Bros "contract" ended when my temp assignment as a tour guide ended.

      It's not unusual for me to have 10 w-2s and 2 or 3 1099's come tax time, from the payroll companies that the productions utilize rather than from the studios. (W-2s are proof that an employer was taking tax out of your paychecks; 1099's show you were a subcontractor).

    4. Ok, I gotcha. I have no idea how this show biz stuff all works.

    5. 'Sall good. I don't mind educating ya. :)


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