Saturday, March 19, 2016

Still streakin'

... and no, kids, I am not running nude through a park!

I did the walking, sampling lunch at Costco to pick up some cereal for Stephen. If there is breakfast available for him, he eats. If not, then he doesn't. He's been eating yogurt every morning because we have yogurt of late. I'd occasionally like to have yogurt, too, because yum, so I picked up some cereal, in the hopes that the gallon of milk won't expire before it gets consumed, and also so the yogurt won't fly off the refrigerator shelf. I do want the man to eat, but we gotta plan this shit, ya know?

After my walking, sampling lunch, I continued walking through another shopping center, and went inside a handful of stores so that I could browse the perimeters. We've been in the habit of going directly to whatever items we needed, and since I didn't need anything (or want to carry anything home), I figured I'd "window-shop" the stuff in the perimeters. I found a couple of pairs of amazing 5" heels I may end up purchasing in the future, if I start booking stand-in work. At only 5'3", I need to wear heels for this kind of work, so I can be as tall as the principals!

As I left each store, I checked in with my non-FitBit app in my phone to see how I was doing on my 10,000 step goal. When I reached a major intersection heading home, the app told me I'd hit 100% for the day! Yay! Right now, I'm at 11,319 for the day. Not likely to walk even 100 more steps tonight before I get into bed, but that's okay.

I'm still streakin'! (*Five consecutive days with the steps goal, and 79 consecutive days of blogging, ICYMI; go, ME!)

Have YOU set any goals for yourself this year, that you're keeping on track with? In what way are YOU streakin'?


  1. Well done! I failed the only goal that I made this year, which was to knit a pair of socks a month!

    1. Well, I'm VERY far behind in blog-reading. I really want to catch up on that bit, but I'm not sure when I will.


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