Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Um... stuff? to report? ... or not. No, yeah, I do have stuff.

I got to "work" today. It was for a 1960's television show, so of course, the women were instructed to arrive in curlers. I had to be on set seriously frickin' early (well, 7 a.m., which meant giving myself an hour to get there), so I bathed last night to allow myself some "sleep in" time. Packed the "potential wardrobe" last night and rolled the hair this morning.

Got to set in plenty of time, checked in with the PA and then stepped over to the wardrobe trailer to see if they'd like any of my "potential"s. When the ladies popped their heads out and saw only two of the women with hair in rollers (WTF? Only two of us followed the instructions?), they immediately squealed that they hoped that the hair ladies would leave us alone! Once they checked us in with the hair folks and got approval, they put the two of us in housedresses.

This is how I looked today... all day... and then, after lunch, they wrapped everyone but me and the other curlers chick and two dudes with vintage cars on set... and then they wrapped me and the other curlers chick, and only kept the two dudes. Got a little bit of overtime, had a good meal, will get paid for a day of work... and NEVER worked!


In other news, the new houseguest has arrived, and he's awesome, so far. After hearing my cough, he's forced us both to consume a ginger / apple cider vinegar / honey / lemon / hot water "tea". I am physically unable to chew up the fresh ginger, but I did drink the tea, and while I was drinking it, my cough abated. It's back, but according to the pharmacist I spoke with today, any of my treatments need to be done consistently, so I'll likely be adding this tea to my repertoire. Yum (eh, not really, but not yuck). Maybe I'll reach a point where I am able to chew the ginger.

What stuff do YOU have to report?


  1. Haha, nice. I was thinking, before I read the blog, someone could have pulled you out of the 60's. At least you got paid.

    1. This is what I do, Lee. I LOVE this industry!

    2. I wish I could be a voice actor. I can do a lot of voices. But I live in Canada, so it makes it a bit hard. Oh well.

      It's good that you love what you do. I wish I could do something I loved, but I have lots of other blessings in my life so I'll do this for a few more years and retire and do something part time. Hopefully that plan works out.

    3. My dream is voice acting as well. Once I get fully entrenched in the world of VO, I'll report back. I know there are ways to get into that world without having to live in California. You just have to investigate the avenues.


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