Sunday, March 27, 2016

Scrapin' off the rust (Post #500! What the What?!?!)

It took close to TWO hours for me to fall asleep last night, between my continuous coughing and the neighbors celebrating a birthday in the atrium after midnight. I mean, there were CHILDREN up and noisy (with the noisy adults) out there, voices echoing off the pool. Had I not been coughing continuously like a madwoman, I'da stepped out my front door and yelled at them all, for fucks' sake, people are tryin' to sleep, you shitheads, take your damn noise INSIDE! But it seemed pretty pointless, what with not being able to stifle my cough. Oh, well. Eventually, after a cup of sleepy tea, a melatonin, a cup of ginger-n-honey, and three cough drops (neither simultaneously nor consecutive), I finally fell asleep.

No idea what finally allowed Stephen to sleep, altho he did initially go to bed before me.

Slept about eight hours. Had cereal and informed Stephen that my plan for the day included vacuuming everything, including the bed, as well as getting laundry (including bedding) done. I knew he would be writing, so I just needed to know when he'd be writing, so I could work my schedule without disturbing him (like, do the laundry while he was writing). Only other thing I hoped to accomplish was more Rock Band Drums, but it wasn't necessarily a goal for the day.

So that's what we did. He wrote; I did laundry. He finished writing, and we both started with the Spring Cleaning. No coughing all day (also, I bothered to take all my vitamins and claritin). Then we played some Rock Band. I ended up having to calibrate the drum set again and again, because apparently, the wireless signal doesn't communicate properly through the coffee table, so in order to not "miss" a bunch of notes, you gotta give the signal a straight line of "sight", calibrate, and then play. Also, the futon is lower than our old couch, so I found myself sitting too low, and had to prop myself up on an additional pillow. Hrm... :/

Still, we found our groove and earned some stars and trophies. Scraped off a bit of the rust. Then he quit for awhile, to make dinner; he was a bit wiped out, so I created a new band for myself, so I can play when I'm alone without affecting our band scores. Got done creating my all-girl band, the Jaded Bridesmaids from Reykjavik. Got all the girls dressed and made-up, and then "we" played our first couple of gigs. When I was finally ready to quit, we ate dinner.

Now that I'm blogging, Stephen decided to create his "own" band, so that he can practice when I'm not around without affecting "our" band's progress. He's currently playing as a member of the Blazin' Blue Banshees, out of Dublin. He's also playing his THIRD gig, because he's not ready to quit for the night. I'm afraid Rock Band is going to take over our lives. No, I'm not. If it does, there's no fear. ;)

What I didn't do today was get my steps in. Yesterday will be the last day of my "streak". It's already cold and dark, and while I've logged all the "workouts" I did today (laundry and Spring Cleaning), the thingy doesn't really "recognize" them as anything other than "Other". So it's probably going to fuss at me while I'm on set tomorrow. And since I'm booked with my car, I dunno whether I'll get my steps in while I'm on set. Okay, I'm ready. Let it fuss. It's not the boss of me, dammit!

Stephen's just spent some of the moola his new band has earned so that he can be a cool hepcat in whichever band he's playing with. It remains to be seen whether my new "version" of me will carryover when I play as a member of the Delta Butlers again.

So now, I need to prepare some shit for tomorrow, and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Have coughed a little bit tonight, now that the sun has gone down, but hopefully, I'll sleep a little sooner and more soundly than last night.

What are YOU scrapin' the rust off of?


  1. You know, when you first said "vacuum the bed" I'm thinking with sheets on and everything. Then seconds later I guessed you meant just the mattress. :D

    What step app do you use anyway?

    1. I went to Best Buy and bought a device that clips onto my waistband or pocket. The app goes with it. I have no idea if it's as good as or better than FitBit; it was cheaper.

      Check out Jawbone if you're interested. They have a few.


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