Sunday, March 6, 2016

Are the Blu-Rays available yet?

We just watched the Series Finale, so now I'm ready to own the whole series on Blu-Ray. There have been quite a few BTS snippets we've seen along the way, as well as some British Christmas fund-raising campaigns and other stuff that have allowed us to keep our love of this show and this cast going, particularly after heart-wrenching season finales. So let's get the whole thing out on Blu-Ray, so that we will always have brilliant television to watch between seasons of other brilliant television that we still love!

With all of my breathing issues of late, I've kept a roll of toilet paper next to the bed, in case I have a night of overwhelming congestion. I'm not one to waste money on boxes of tissues; TP works just as well to catch my snot, thankyouverymuch! Right as we were beginning to watch tonight's episode, I had Stephen go fetch that roll, as I had been warned on Facebook by other friends that they'd be watching, prepared for waterworks. I knew that if this finale got me crying, it would also congest the hell outta my sinuses, so I wanted to be prepared.

NO TEARS! Yay! Happy Happy Joy Joy all around! And not predictable in the happy moments, but certainly not entirely unexpected. We're both quite pleased with tonight's episode. And now I just want to own it all so I can watch it all again, at our leisure.

Were you a fan? Did you make sure to catch the finale tonight, or are you risking spoilers? Or is there some other show you've allowed yourself to get sucked into, rather than the "Upstairs/Downstairs" world of Victorian Era to Roaring Twenties Estate England?


  1. That is just a lovely picture of you...I'm going to frame it.


    1. Thanks. I think I'll look for opportunities to repost it often. This is the second time I've used this exact picture. It TOTALLY reflects the "me" you thought you knew, right? ;)


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