Saturday, May 3, 2014

311 Flea Market, BABY!

The past week has been spent gathering, sorting, pricing, stickering, and loading into vehicles all the little stuff we hope to sell this weekend.  A lot of the items that were/are listed in the stores are stickered for "just in case" it's easier to move them in person.  We've got some furniture packed into the van for Day One in the hopes that the van will return home empty and can get loaded with MORE furniture for Day Two.  We've got power tools in a bin.  We've got books, and dolls, and comics, and odds-n-ends types of household goods.  We could make a LOT of moola this weekend, if what we have is what the shoppers want, and folks are willing to try to make deals with us.  We'll make a deal.  We'd rather not tote it all back home!

It's gonna be interesting.  I'm hoping that we're alert enough to get there (just past Butt-Crack of Dawn EARLY); I'm hoping there's a wifi signal, so I can sell current ebay items (and "end" them right away on ebay); I'm hoping it's warm enough and also cool enough and it doesn't rain.  Flea Marketers are a wild bunch.  Wish us luck!

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