Monday, May 12, 2014

Accomplishment Monday

We got up fairly early today (7-ish) because we've both realized that the trip across the country needs to be made up of LONG days that start early-ish and end late-ish, since we'll have two cats in the car and be driving in warm temperatures and the chances of cat-friendly hotels being available are slim-to-none.

I was really out of bed at that hour because my sunburn still hurts when I adjust or put any pressure on it or stretch the skin in any way.  I figured I'd get a nap later if need be.  Stephen was up because of the reason mentioned in the first paragraph.  The cats were up because they're cats.

So I had a package to ship out, and my mailman to catch, and I was really hoping that the balance-transfer card would have come in to process, so I started on all of those things.  Stephen decided that since we'd be out in the world together anyway to grocery-shop on his day off, that we should also maybe catch Spiderman 2.  I'm not one to want to spend money "frivolously," particularly when we're trying to save every dime for the trip, but he only had to convince about 5% of my psyche that we had earned that particular kind of "break."

Caught the mailman; shipped out the bear; activated the new card; twisted my own arm a little (ow, ow, ow) and off we went.  I wanted to catch the noon show so we could be "done" with our day in time to meet the potential buyer of his dresser, whom we'd met in person at the flea market but who wasn't ready to buy until today.

Came out of the flick (pretty good, if you're a Spidey or Marvel or comic or superhero or Andrew Garfield fan; too many "endings" though) to a voice message from the buyer - can she come tomorrow?  Sure - that gives us time to get the shopping done without having to "rush" home.  Got home to a FB message from a different buyer regarding the same dresser, as well as a message from an ebay buyer regarding a Barbie already received.  Sorted out what we could possibly sort out (I just don't understand how folks can buy something on ebay without looking at every. single. picture. and asking any questions they might have before they buy something that I, as a seller, have already said I know NOTHING about, i.e. I don't know if she's a mismatch or what, but I also cannot accept returns).

Watched a little tv.  Have plenty of food in the fridge and freezer and pantry, including ingredients for treats, like coconut cheesecake and chocolate chip ice cream.  We've got five weeks? or so to enjoy the stuff we're not selling before we pack it up to ship it.  I'm gonna enjoy the hell outta it!  It was a good day.

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