Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Welcome BACK, Serbia and Malaysia!

When I first started blogging in December of 2013, my biggest non-US readership was Malaysia.  I couldn't ever figure that one out, and slowly but surely, I had no more readers in Malaysia for about three months.  I think my Serbia reader(s?) visited for a couple weeks, maybe, and then went away again, and they're back as well!  Plus, I got Indonesia and Israel and New Zealand reading me this week.  I've managed to hold onto whomever's reading me in Germany and Australia and the UK and the Netherlands, so I don't "shout-out" those folks often, if at all.  And obviously, since I and my family are in the US, I should always have readers here.  But it's always an interesting thing to me to see folks around the globe visiting me, especially if I see a particular location listed as "now" and can see which posts were read.  Anyway, WELCOME, all!

Today, I had an opportunity to "hoof it" to the post office to ship an item.  It's a fairly warm day, but as they say, "it's not the heat; it's the humidity," so once I returned, I could have been described as a "hot mess."  I don't normally sweat - I'm just not built that way, I guess - unless it's unbearably hot or humid or I've really exerted myself.  So today: blech.  But my package weighed less than a pound, so it was pretty easy for me to get my pace back up, almost to 3.5 mph (that was my "norm" back home in my walkable neighborhood in California).  I'm pretty pleased.

AND, I got some more Flea Market stuff reorganized.  And, I'm in the middle of some laundry, and a crock-pot dinner prep.  So I've been sufficiently productive today, and a friend from back home reached out via text, so I'm pretty grateful for just, you know, everything today.


Happy Birthday, Grandma Mason, and to my other "surrogate" Grandma Edna, as well.  I hope you're both resting peacefully, or at least playing together, something fun.

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