Thursday, May 29, 2014

Closed the SHOP

officially, today.  There are two more items still listed with auctions ending tomorrow, but they've not had any activity.  Had two "lots" of dolls (one lot of seven porcelain and the other lot of seven baby dolls) that we just didn't have time to research, that had auctions starting at a buck apiece for the babies and two bucks each for the porcelain - but the buyers had to take the whole lot.  We'd already taken all of those to the flea market and they hadn't moved an inch.  Well, on ebay, they MOVED!  We couldn't believe how much they moved!

But I have nothing left to sell there, so I've told ebay to go away now.  Just go away. :)

TONIGHT we have OUR "go away" dinner party, and tomorrow, the mailman will make the dolls go away.


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  1. Yay! Have fun at your going away party. I wish we could be there, but know that we're there in spirit. I'm very excited for you guys. I love adventures. :-)


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