Sunday, May 4, 2014

311 Flea Market, Baby?

We had a decent day yesterday, but we don't really believe in sunscreen, and we had set up our tables (inadvertently) facing the sunrise.  Lots of "Looky-Lous" and quite a bit of "wheelin' and dealin'" (to the extent that we needed to have a short refresher on "how to negotiate as a seller" -

we were both giving off a teensy air of desperation when we'd say, "we're asking x but we'll take y" so we had to keep each other in check there).  Ended up selling the heaviest pieces of furniture long before we were ready to call it "A Day," so that was good.  No lugging the heavy stuff back.  YAY!

Once we got home, we discussed options for today: find temporary homes for all the clothes that were in our dressers, get the dressers in place to load in the van at Dawn's Tramp-Stamp this morning, reorganize all the boxes and bins of little stuff, and possibly reload all of that into just the van, as well.  Or do a little reorganization and take both vehicles again.  Or say "fuggit" and sleep in and return next Saturday.  We could both see the pros and cons of any decision we made.  We decided to take the wait-and-see approach, allowing Stephen to go to his job and me to work on the organizational tasks last night, and make a more informed decision in the morning, based on my level of accomplishment and our level of inspiration.

Let me tell you about my level of accomplishment: I. Kicked. Ass.  I re-boxed all of the books back into liquor boxes (for easier carrying); I resorted a bin and a box with dolls and tchotchkes; I found a new home for the clothes in Stephen's dresser; I rearranged the living room so that the dresser and its mirror were easily accessible for loading in the morning; I SOLD my own dresser to my neighbor but she doesn't have space for it yet, so I get to continue living out of it.  The living room actually looks like we're moving out!  Woo Hoo!

Then all of my body aches kicked in, so I soaked in the tub.  Actually NAPPED in the tub, until my phone alerted me that Stephen was on his way home from work.  Got out, dry, dressed, and went to bed.  Stephen got home, saw all of my Kick-Assery and was duly impressed, and we discussed our options for today One. Last. Time. as he came to bed.

His 5:00 a.m. alarm received a response from me: "I'd like to request a five-minute snooze" (and I NEVER snooze).  In that five minutes, I was acutely aware of my sun-induced headache (and I never get headaches).  The alarm went off again, and I didn't move.  Possibly another five minutes passed, and I asked "was that a snooze or dismiss?" to which he replied "I think I dismissed it."  At which point, we discussed our options again, both recognizing the pros and cons of both real options.  I said, "I'm going to the bathroom, and when I get back, we'll make a decision."  We both had headaches; he had body aches, and his dresser is just heavy enough that lugging it downstairs in the dark was just too daunting of a task.

So.  Now that we're up and alive and aware and have treated our headaches with caffeine and our body aches with whatever, we're going to spend THIS WEEK - at our LEISURE - getting the dresser and mirror into the van; sorting and organizing and getting bins and boxes into the van; planning for next Saturday with fresh eyes and bodies.  We WON'T face the sun next weekend, that's for sure!  One point for learnin' sumthin'!

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