Wednesday, May 28, 2014

sometimes you just need a nap

I did, today.  So I took one!  It was great.

But there were things that needed doing, you know?  How do you get the things done when you can't keep your eyes open?

You REST.  You take that nap, and when you get up, you get back to whatever it was you had hoped to accomplish earlier, when you just couldn't keep your eyes open.

My accomplishments today include:
  • making the bed
  • feeding the cats
  • making coffee
  • consuming with Stephen his first-ever homemade smoothie (it was delish, altho he now understands why I don't like to use blackberries in smoothies - too seedy!)
  • taking two phone calls from potential landlords/managers to make arrangements for my "legwork" friend
  • applying for another gig; this time for "Associate Producer" which is really just an in-the-office Production Assistant.  BUT THAT'S OKAY.  Ten weeks and four grand okay. :)
  • pulling from the remaining collection those dolls that have either watchers or bids, and packing up all the rest for a covert return to stepmom's attic
  • calling to reserve a big table or a separate room for our "going away" dinner party
  • updating the time on the party invite
  • reading some Entertainment Weekly
  • unloading and reloading the dishwasher
  • washing my water pitcher by hand because there's some crud in our water that doesn't wash away in the dishwasher!  what up widdat?
  • preparing for myself a delicious grilled pastrami-n-muenster sammich and then eating it
  • taking the aforementioned nap - glorious!
  • getting back on the phone to speak with more potential landlords and/or leave messages for return calls
  • blogging
  • UPDATE: ordering a new pair of glasses for Stephen, since the ones he has keep falling apart. :(
Have you noticed that I have blogged every day in May?  I'm not participating in any "challenge," although I discovered that there is one out there.  I had just decided for myself, near the beginning of the month, that while I still have time to devote to you, my loyal subjects readers, that I should find something to say every day.  Once we're back home and I'm working in the industry that I love, I imagine my blogflow will ebb.  I hope that's okay.  For now, I plan to keep on keepin' on.


  1. Naps are very important. I accomplish so much more if I just give in to the nap time feeling.

    1. I think we must have inherited Mommy's (mad) napping skilz. She was aces at it, amiright?

    2. She had trophies on the mantle to prove it! :-)

    3. that's hysterical. a "mantle" in Miami!


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