Friday, May 9, 2014

Remind me to weigh myself in the morning

I know, I know... I can hear Mommy, too.  "Don't forget to weigh yourself in the morning!"

The past couple of weeks have brought significant changes to my life.  Namely, warmer weather and increased activity.  Not to mention a new habit of consuming more water.  I still can't stand plain, flat, still, unflavored or unbubbly water, but I have an electrolyte powder that I add at a ratio of ~1/4 serving size, so I get SOME flavor (ruby red, yummmm), not a lot of sugar, and added vitamins and minerals, and I'm able to consume about 2 quarts of that each day.  That's an increase of about two quarts of water per day from before I started the habit.

I want to weigh myself (IN THE MORNING) because I really feel like I am probably down from my "ugly number" weight, which has also been called "winter" weight and "unemployed-and-bored" weight.  I don't tend to sweat (I think I've told you this before) unless I am really exerting myself and/or the climate is ungodly hot/humid.  I've spent the better part of the last couple of weeks lugging heavy things down the stairs and up into a step-van for flea marketing, rearranging furniture in the house and then vacuuming the empty spaces, and walking my ebay packages to the post office 1.5 miles away, all in hot and humid weather.  So I've been sweatin' like a mo-fo.

Today, after I helped my buyer get her "new-for-her" chest freezer down my stairs and into her vehicle, I did a little rearranging and vacuuming, of course.  Then I walked to the post office with two more packages.  I had a nice, big water bottle with me, as well, and walking TO the post, I had a good headwind.  Coming back, while waiting for a light to change, I had a conversation with the ladies in the vehicle sitting there.

"You working out?  You look good!"  "Oh, thank you, no, just walking."  (Thumbs up in both directions.)

As I crossed through the light, I realized that anyone who is walking 3 mph or better AND carrying a water bottle is "working out."  So, I guess, yeah.  I'm working out.  And thinking, "Gonna get home and blog and hope that y'all will remind me to weigh myself IN THE MORNING."

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