Tuesday, May 27, 2014

COUNTDOWN (the first - I expect there may be more in the not-too-distant future)

  1. FIVE WEEKS from today, we will be HOME.
  2. FOUR WEEKS from tomorrow, we will be heading west from Charleston, SC.
  3. FOUR WEEKS from today, we'll be celebrating Stephen's mom's 70th birthday.
  4. THREE WEEKS from today (or tomorrow), we will do an "overnight" visit in Jupiter, FL and then return to Daddy's.
  5. in EIGHTEEN DAYS, we'll be leaving North Carolina to stay with Daddy in Sorrento, FL.
  6. in SEVENTEEN DAYS, we'll be doing mass-hysteria-style cleaning frenzy in this (by then) empty apartment.
  7. TWO WEEKS from today, Stephen will work his last day at Sam's Club.
  8. in THIRTEEN DAYS, we'll get our U-Haul shipping/storage "pod" and begin filling it.
  9. in ELEVEN DAYS, we'll be helping the stepmom out with her yard sale (and hopefully, selling the last of our furniture).
  10. ONE WEEK from today, I'll be 48 years old.  Whoop Whoop!
  11. in FOUR DAYS, I close the doors of my ebay store forever (I have to "unsubscribe" from some $#!+ to make it "official")
  12. in THREE DAYS, my last ebay auction closes, whether there are any bids or not.
  13. in TWO DAYS, we're "hosting" our own "going away" party at the BEST RESTAURANT ANYWHERE, which just happens to be a mile down the street from our current residence.
  14. TODAY we saw our last movie in North Carolina (X-Men, Days of Future Past).
Are you excited yet?  At some point in that countdown, we have to return any unsold dolls to stepmom's attic, carry our unsold furniture to her house for the yardsale or storage, AND procure our new address (as well as putting the forwarding order in at the post office).  There's plenty of downsizing still to be done, as well as packing, selling, shipping, and Stephen going to his job.  There's probably one more trip to my favorite grocery store.  Ay, caramba.  It sneaks up on ya!


  1. Pretty exciting stuff! I'm jazzed just reading about it. Keep blogging the whole way. The world wants to read your adventure tale. :-)

    1. I do intend to keep blogging the whole way, altho I'm not sure "the world" is quite waiting on pins and needles! Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)


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